Dungeons Of Evilibrium is a dungeon crawling game that sports a gameplay experience that’s slightly different from the other gamers of the same genre available for iOS devices.

Unlike theese other games, Dungeons Of Evilibrium features a more open ended gameplay experience, leaving gamers the freedom to choose which dungeon they want to explore. The choice is quite big in the game, since you will have a total of 120 dungeons to explore and complete, divided into sic different sets.

For the rest, you can expect to fight monsters, catch and collect them and make them so powerful that you will be able to defeat the six final bosses without a problem.

If you cannot manage to defeat these bosses or simply want to learn more about the game, you have to the right place. Or dungeon, depending on how you view things. Here are some handy tips for Dungeons Of Evilibrium that will make going through the game a bit easier than before.

  • Difficulty And Battle Boosts

Being an open-ended game, the dungeons’ structure is pretty much the same. All the first floors of each dungeon are pretty easy, while later ones are considerably more difficult. If you’re stuck in a high number floor, you can choose to change dungeon and explore easier floors. This will allow you to earn new cards and coins, thus making your life a bit easier. If you don’t have any intention to grind and possess good amounts of coins, you can choose to use battle boosts. Each boost costs 100 coins and increases your defense by 50%.

  • Leveling Up

As we mentioned already, going back to earlier floors will allow you to get more experience points, cards and coins. Grinding is most of the times a necessity, since it’s the only way to overcome some of the thoughest challenges of the game. Reaching certain levels is also going to allow you to do something else: once at level 20, you will be able to use three cards, at 40 four, at 60 five and at 80 six. So get ready to grind quite a bit to expand your team.

  • Cards

Evolving cards is one of the most important elements of the game, as it’s usually the thing that will make you victorious during the thoughest battles. Unfortunately you can only boost them with coins, so some grinding will be in order. To make grinding a bit faster, avoiding spending coins on battle boosts and complete quest to earn a few extra coins to use in enhancing cards.



  1. I see challenges for leveling cards to max before evolving them. Does this also make them more powerful, or is it just to unlock the unique at the end? An awnser would save me a lot of time, ty.

    • Hey Bob,

      I have been looking into this myself. When you look at your creature collection you see stars at the bottom of each creature, separate from the stars which are on the creature card.

      First star mean the creature was used in battle,
      Second star mean that you have maxed their skill power (by sacrificing artifacts)
      Third star means the creature has maxed their level.

      Now here is the strange part. I have all three water creatures the Squid, the Nautilus, and the Octopus. I only use the Octopus, but I did use the other creatures too. However, I entered the water world today and suddenly it announced that my Nautilus (which is not in my party) gained three stars. Which is mind boggling, I have other creatures with all the maxed crap at lvl 70 R and still not at three stars. Even my EP are at 60-70+ and don’t have three stars. When each creature in that line of accession gets three stars the L or U opens up. Since the EPs can’t evolve.

      This is just what I have come to discover. Sorry I cannot confirm this since there is really not a good guide out there.

      If anyone can explain this better, please do.

      Also at lvl 80 we can use 6 slots for our party. However I am at lvl 82 and that slot says “This is only for friendly assistance”. No creature can be placed in the slot. What exactly do they mean by “friendly assistance”?

  2. The third star for creatures is either bugged, or has rules that are not explained. I got an announcement for a creature getting three star with a promised reward in my rewards box, but no reward. I deleted this game… No sense in the elaborate levelling system if one doesn’t even know what one needs to do to make progress.

    Also, the fights are pretty random. Many ppl stacking the voodoo witch, which randomly polymorphism 2 of 5 enemy units into harmless snakes, regardless of how powerful the unit is. Since there is no real counter at the epic lvl, it’s a slugfest based completely on luck of triggering the special attack. I’ve taken out opponents pvp which much better cards and higher lvl than me with the witches backed up by resurrect units.

    Plenty other games with clearer goals and less bugs. Stay away from this mindless pointless grind.

  3. Yeah there are definitely some things about this game that needs taken care of I hate when a uncomplete game is released and stupid things like stacking the same cheap card is exploited they need to make it so that you can ONLY use one of each card and they need to make more monsters for countering for more strength ect this game have good potential and there was a different version of this game a couple of years ago in my opinion it was better


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