Even though a bug ridden experience, Dungeons & Evil is a brilliant game that is worth all the effort required to play it. A CCG with many innovations and features and with a smart feature unlock system, it will surely turn you into an addict. For that moment we are here to help with some Dungeons & Evil cheats, tips and tricks that create a complete strategy guide for those looking to build the Ultimate Deck and rule the virtual worlds of the game. Which won’t be easy!

But let’s not waste time complaining, let’s check out the Dungeons & Evil tips and tricks below!


1. Stack up cards
An incredible feature of this game is that it has no card limits and you can collect as many as possible (or at least I didn’t manage to hit the upper limit yet). Therefore, try to collect as many as possible before you start leveling them up. The thing is that when you start the game, you don’t really know which cards are good and which ones are bad, so keeping them for as long as possible is a good idea.

2. Add friends
Finding and adding active friends is also extremely important. You need more friends to take their cards into battle and get an edge over the opponent. When adding random friends, make sure to add those that have a top level card. Make sure that it’s at least a two star card (as those have special skills) and a level as high as possible, to get more in terms of damage and health. You can use a friend’s card in battle every 10 minutes, so that’s why it’s a great idea to add more.

3. How to Enhance your cards
I wasn’t able to find any relations between using a certain type of card and the amount of XP gained (like horde with horde or the same type of card with the same type for an XP bonus). Either way, you will have tens of cards so it won’t matter that much. Here is how I suggest to approach card enhancement:

– never enhance a card of one star and use them as material for upgrading other cards. They don’t have a special skill so they are pretty useless.
– upgrade all the cards in your deck. Maxing out a card sounds really nice, I know, but you want all your cards to have more hit points and attack points, which means that you should be really balanced with your approach, so upgrade all cards instead of focusing on one.
– Have three star cards. At least early on (during the first two chapters of the game, before mastering them), you won’t know the stats of many cards. You will come along some great cards that you will have to use to replace those in your deck. Therefore, the best idea would be to focus on enhancing three cards in your deck to the maximum level. This way, when you replace poor cards, you won’t feel you’ve wasted your other cards upgrading these poor cards.

4. Play each stage for three stars
Although progressing through the campaign is something you can easily do at one star (beating the stage on Normal level), you want to complete them all at three stars, which means completing the two other difficulty levels too. I personally go through all the missions in a stage, then start completing them one after another until I max the number of stars. You will get, this way, more stars when you collect the star bonus and it’s easy to use this as an indicator of your deck’s strength: if you are unable to beat a stage for three stars, you might have to enhance your cards a bit more.

5. Always use Auto battle
Unfortunately, Dungeons & Evil doesn’t allow you to be very tactical and there’s nothing extra you can do that the Auto mode can’t. So as soon as the game begins, hit the auto bonus and watch the battle unfold. It will be pretty easy to see if any enhancements are needed.

6. Constantly update your deck
Every 5 battles or so, I would suggest you to check out your deck and look at the new cards. Chances are that you already have a few really great new cards that can be used to replace some you are already using. So constantly check out your deck and update it to have the best deck possible!

7. How to build a perfect deck in Dungeons & Evil
Of course, there are multiple strategies that work, but I am really pleased with the deck that I have built. When it comes to choosing the cards, I look at two things:

– base hit points and damage. This is extremely important, because I want cards that have a lot in both areas for the obvious reasons. There is rarely a good idea to select a card with fewer HP and AP over one with more, unless it has really special skills – see below
– card’s skills. They are extremely important, and I ALWAYS want to take into battle a healer. I always need a deck of cards that have special skills, and the faster they are activated (the number near the skill), the better. Cards that cause multiple damage or freeze the other cards (or have a chance of doing so) are extremely useful.

Also, it’s extremely important to look at the time you have to wait before your card attacks (it’s the number in the lower right corner). Cards that go into battle sooner are to be preferred over those that go in later, even though the latter usually cause more damage.

8. Level up to unlock the new features
As you level up, new features of the game are unlocked. They include the Gear menu (that allows you to equip and craft gear that increases the stats of your cards and character, with a lot of interesting options), the Evolution menu to completely evolve cards (didn’t get there yet, but we’re working on it) and so on. Basically, the more you play, the more goodies you unlock in the game!

9. Collect the bonuses
Don’t forget to go to the main menu and not spend all the time in the character menu or missions menu. There you will have a ton of options to claim impressive bonuses that will help you a lot, as well as checking you challenges and special offers. New things are marked by an exclamation mark, but you should check them all out anyway.

10. Explore the dungeons
If you have SP to spare, then you will get a lot of cards for free and upgrade material amongst other rewards from exploring the Dungeons. Simply go into an area/chapter and notice the Explore button in the lower right corner. From there, you can select a level to explore and you will get 4 actions to do, generally rewarding you with new cards, but also other goodies such as chests and even free gems. A must play when you have extra SP or you are in need of some really easy cards and goodies. Replay each level of the dungeon until you unlock all the 4 rewards!

11. How to play in the Arena
The Arena, after it is unlocked, allows you to play against other players. The key here is to have the best possible deck, because other players will do too. So it’s pretty obvious that you should enhance the cards that you have at maximum. But there is also an easy trick to try: play only against weaker opponents. You can see them when you choose the opponent by the level of the card that they have. The lower the level, the easier to beat because it means that the other cards are low level too. Go from weak enemy to weak enemy and you will just get some extra spots in the tournament, hopefully earning you more rewards!

This would be it for now in terms of Dungeons & Evil tips and tricks. If you have any other questions or suggestions, let us know by commenting below. Have fun!



    • can you download it again because I had the game for a while and it was pretty fun. Do I just have to go to make my app store to another country to download the game again.


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