Dungeon Legends is the ultimate dungeon-crawling experience on iOS. Join with other players as you explore the darkest dungeons! Fight in real time and use a variety of skills to take down the hordes of monsters lying in wait. Let’s get to exploring with ourĀ Dungeon Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take advantage of traps!

While traps are deadly and often result in some bad times for your hero, enemies are actually affected by them as well! If you want to turn the tables, try leading enemies into traps, or try fighting near them. They will take loads of damage! Just be sure you don’t stand too close yourself, alright?

2. Train your hero often!

Early on, training is invaluable. You pay a small gold fee and wait a couple seconds or minutes. After it’s complete, your hero will gain a permanent boost in the stat that you chose to train. Strength, physical and magical defense are the most important traits to level up. Strength increases your auto attack damage, and physical and magical defense improve your defenses against those respective attacks.

3. Explore!

Running to the end of the dungeon floor is fine and all if you’re just trying to get through, but if you’ve got the time take a moment to explore side rooms. There are plenty of objects you can destroy, such as barrels, weapon racks, and more. They will usually have experience or gold inside, sometimes even gear, so it’s worth it to explore!

4. Complete the missions!

You always have three active missions at once. You can check them at any time by going to the missions screen, and you can jump right into whatever you need to do from that menu. These missions are worth a hefty amount of gold – sometimes even gems – so they’re worth doing!

5. Learn as many skills as you can!

There is no limit to how many skills you can take with you into a dungeon, so learn as many as you can! The more you have, the higher your chances of survival. Some of the most important ones to learn are the support ones, such as Heal and Iron Body. You should get plenty of gold by selling old equipment and completing missions to have enough to buy as many skills as you want.

6. Try harder difficulty levels!

Once you’re decently geared and you have some skills, try tackling the dungeon at a higher difficulty level. The enemies will be stronger and the traps more deadly, but the rewards are much greater. With great risk comes great treasure!

7. Send out your explorer when you’re away!

You can send an explorer into the dungeons to find treasure for you. You can either do a short or long search, which last ten minutes and one hour respectively. Be sure you have an explorer searching at all times, especially if you’re going to stop playing for a while!

That’s all for Dungeon Legends. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. hey is there a way man can skip a floor , like f59 what if man leave a depot like one million coins man skip, realy have truoble with that floor ? and have learn all sskill now


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