Dungeon Hunter 5, the new entry of the series created by Gameloft, has finally received a release date.

The publisher has confirmed that their new game will be released on the App Store next week, on March 12th, so fans of the series won’t have to wait for much longer to be able to get their hands on the game.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is going to be slightly different from its predecessor, as it will feature more colorful graphics compared to previous entries, a satisfying combat, a deep campaign, base raiding and multiplayer features.

The previous entry of the series, Dungeon Hunter 4, has received a new expansion a few months ago. The Dungeon Hunter 4 Descending Depths expansion included three new dungeons, called Howling Canyon, Dig Site and Chapel of Whispers, new enemies, equipment items and a new event type called Burdens. The new elements expand the gameplay experience considrebly, making Dungeon Hunter 4 an even better game than before.

Dungeon Hunter 5 will be released next week, on March 12th, on the App Store in all regions. Being a Gameloft game, expect to see plenty of IAPs in the game. Let’s just hope they won’t get in the way.



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