Dungeon Faster Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving the Dungeon


Welcome to Dungeon Faster, a quick card roguelike dungeon crawler designed for a fast mobile experience. Choose your heroes, delve into the dungeon, and carefully choose from your deck of cards to fight enemies and make your way to the next room!

With a bunch of cards and heroes to choose from, strategy is endless in Dungeon Faster. In our Dungeon Faster tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of dungeon exploring, how to battle efficiently, and how to ultimately survive in the dungeon. Let’s get started with our Dungeon Faster tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the dungeon!

Getting through your first run!

Dungeon Faster is game about using everything, and we mean everything, to your disposal. It rewards resourceful play and smart decision making, but heavily punishes rash choices and thoughtless moves. Since there is no time limit or anything that makes you rush, take your time and plan out your moves wisely.

You will not make it to the end of the dungeon on your first run, but that’s fine – you are not meant to! Dungeon Faster plays like a traditional roguelike, where each mistake is meant to be a learning tool.

For your first run through, you should try to establish a basic understanding of all the mechanics. Know how the attack and defense systems work, the runes, and the basic starting deck, and get used to the general flow of the game.

When you first enter a new room, you should go after all of the runes right away. Runes are what charge your cards, and you will not be able to use any cards if you do not keep your rune supply up.

As a general rule, there is only one monster in a room. Once you uncover and fight a monster, you can uncover the rest of the room, but just beware of traps! Uncover the panels, find the key and the door, and survive!

Beginner friendly characters?

Burbar is a burly warrior who hails from the rough mountains to the North. His passive skill allows him to knock golden teeth out of smaller monsters, and since golden teeth is a very important currency this is a really good skill to have. His active skill also removes paralysis, which can be life-saving! He also starts out with an impressive 14 health, so he is the perfect character for beginners.

Paladyna, the holy paladin from the southern counties is also a good choice. She starts out with 12 health, and her passive skill allows her to see the general area of where the door to the next level is. All possible spots are indicated with a blue box in the tile. Her active skill lets her cure poison too.

As a side note, her character exclusive card allows her to sacrifice her entire hand in order to heal herself to full health. This is a wonderful emergency room, and it can give you a second chance on a run that has gone sour.

If you are just starting out, we recommend either of these characters as they provide helpful benefits that are easy to understand. Paladyna’s ability to see the door is very good, and it can help you get through rooms faster.

Mastering the battle system!

Monsters active skills

When you are uncovering a tile, there is a chance that you may encounter a monster. If you are engaged with a monster, you cannot open the door even if you have the key, so you must take them out first.

The battle system works on a turn-based system. Every time you make a move, the monster makes a move as well, so careful planning can avoid a lot of unnecessary damage. We really stress the planning part because blindly attacking is a very bad thing to do, and let us explain why.

Most enemies in Dungeon Faster have a 3-turn skill. As the name suggests, after three turns the enemy will activate their skill, and these skills can enable enemies to poison you, paralyze you, steal half of your coins, and so forth. The only way to avoid these skills is to take down the enemy quickly, and you can only do that with clever card play. You can check how many turns are remaining by the number of bones near the skill bubble.

The Attack and Defense Mechanics

Every hero starts out at 1 attack and 1 defense. The enemies you encounter will start out relatively weak, but the deeper you go in the dungeon, the stronger they will become. You will randomly find attack and defense power ups as you explore the dungeon, and you can also boost them using cards.

Your attack power and defense power are equal as they are. Armor acts a second health pool basically, which is hit first before your actual health. So, an example interaction would be you have 2 armor and the monster has 3 attack power. The monster hits you, taking out your armor and dealing 1 damage to your health. Any further damage will deplete directly from your health.

When you attack a monster, the interactions are the same, however it is very important to remember that every time you attack your attack power goes down by 1. That means rapid attacks will quickly eat away at your attack power, until it is back to 1. This is why you should use cards to damage your opponent so that you do not have to attack directly as much.

ON TOP of that, you also have the monsters’ active skills to deal with, further discouraging rapid attacks. We really meant it when we said careless direct attacks will doom you in the long run! In short, use cards to buff yourself up with more armor and attack, explore the dungeon for pick ups, and use cards to weaken your opponents. You should only direct attack when you are completely out of options!

Sacrificing cards for more runes and gold

Cards cost runes and gold in order to play them. Using too many cards in short succession can you leave you broke very quickly, so you need to learn to balance your resources. Once per room you can choose to feed a card to the chest. The chest will damage you for 1 health, and you will gain all of the runes and gold marked on the card.

On any turn where you draw a card you do not need, you should get rid of it right away if you are not in need of any specific runes. You can only do this once a room, but you should never leave a room without doing it, as you are just wasting runes and gold that could be yours. One of the characters, Sorseler, is able to perform this without taking any damage!

Upgrading cards with golden teeth!

As you progress through the dungeon, you will accumulate a mass of golden teeth. Golden teeth are used to permanently power up your cards, enhancing their effects. Once you upgrade a card, it stays upgraded forever, even if you fall in the dungeon.

So, the core gameplay loop is to head into the dungeon, fight for your life as you try to get as far as you can, then save up all the golden teeth you have to upgrade your cards. Upgrading cards does not increase a card’s costs either, so you can keep using them without having to worry about getting more runes and gold.

Alternatively, you can also use golden teeth to upgrade your heroes. You can upgrade their starting health, attack, defense, gold, and runes. While this is useful as well, we prefer upgrading cards just because of how more versatile they are.

Utilize the shrine card wisely!

There is a specific card that you start out with that we would like to talk about, and that is the Shrine card, it look likes a castle with a medical flag coming out of it. The shrine card places a shrine down in the room you use it in. This shrine is persistent – even across different runs – until you use the shrine card again.

It has no effect for your current character, but if you reach that same room with a different character they will automatically be fully healed and their max health will go up by 1. If you use the shrine card again, a new shrine will be built in your new location but the old one will be destroyed.

Shrines are almost mandatory if you want to make it to the end of the dungeon. When carefully placed shrines can save your life – try to place them strategically so that you get the most out of them.

If you spend the golden teeth to upgrade the shrine card, it will gain the ability to build more than one shrine. A fully upgrade shrine card costs around 600 golden teeth, but it is worth it considering it lets you build up to 4 shrines!

Do not forget to check your trophies for bonus teeth!

Every time you kill enough of a certain type of monster, you will gain a trophy. Trophies can be redeemed in the trophy collection on the main menu for golden teeth. The more monsters you kill, the more golden teeth you can get!

That’s all for Dungeon Faster. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dungeon Faster Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving the Dungeon


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