Earlier this year we have reported that the dungeon crawler game Sproggiwood has been released on the App Store. The iOS version of the game plays pretty much like the PC release so there’s no reason for fans of roguelike games to not get the game. Starting today roguelike fans get one more reason to purchase the game as Sproggiwood is going to be available for a reduced price for the next few days.

Until October 4th Sproggiwood will be available for only $4.99 instead of $9.99. Considering the game’s quality, this is an excellent deal that no fan of roguelike games should pass on.

Sproggiwood is a really nice looking dungeon crawler game sporting a beautiful art style. The game doesn’t play too differently from several other similar games, with players having to explore a variety of colorful dungeons, defeat enemies, avoid traps and more. The game also doesn’t take itself too seriously so expect to read some hilarious dialogue between dungeons.

As mentioned above, The iOS version of Sproggiwood is a perfect port of the PC version so no content has been cut and no IAP implemented.

Sproggiwood is now available for purchase on the App Store.


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