A new interesting game mixing together tower defense, role playing games and dungeon building games features has been released today on the App Store.

In Wicked Lair players will have to create some dangerous labyrinths filled with monsters to protect their precious items and stop some foolish heroes who venture into your labyrinth to steal them.

Most of the work in Wicked Lair will be done by the creatures players can summon through the three portals located in your dungeon. The game features several different types of creatures which behave in different ways: some creatures will attack any enemy they see, while others will patrol your dungeon’s floors and more.

Creatures aren’t the only obstacle players can put between their enemies and their precious treasures. Labyrinths in Wicked Lair can be upgraded as more money is earned, making them more complex and more dangerous for those poor fools who want to steal your treasures.

Wicked Lair is a masterfully crafted experience that can keep fans of strategy games engaged for quite some time. The game is also a somewhat challenging experience, something that should please gamers who want to put their strategic skills to the test.

Wicked Lair is now available for download for free on the App Store.



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