Dude Perfect is back! Are you up to the trick shot challenge? Dude Perfect 2 is a simple one-touch physics game that has you trying to shoot some hoops in the craziest locations yet! We’ll help you land those tricky shots with our Dude Perfect 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Remember your shot angles and power!

There are no markers for previous shots (unless you use the guidelines power up), so you’re going to have to keep track of your own shots. When you make a shot, keep a small note of what angle you were at and how much power you used. This might help you adjust for your next shot, depending on how far/short your shot was from the hoop.

2. Do a perfect run!

If you manage to land every shot you take and miss no hoops, you’ll get three stars on the level! Not only will your score be high, but you will be rewarded with one cash, the premium currency of this game. You can spend cash on additional dudes and basketballs in the shop!

3. Examine the level before you make your first shot!

As you progress, the later levels get more and more tricky! They will start to involve gimmicks that you need to take care of before you can make a clear shot to the hoop, such as hitting levers or breaking glass. Be sure to check out the entire level before you shoot, because usually how it goes is that the levels are set up in such a manner where the gimmicks lying there in plain sight. For example, on level 15, there’s a suitcase jammed in the hoop. Above the hoop are small boxes lined up in a way that sets it up for a “domino” knockdown effect. The last box that falls down will hit the suitcase and move it out of the way.

4. Get your daily reward and play lucky panda!

Your daily reward is listed under the mini games. If you check in for consecutive days, the rewards will be greater! The other option, Lucky Panda, is a matching game. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk away with a ton of power ups and coins. If not, you get nothing! You can play this for free once a day, otherwise it has a 350 gold entry fee.

5. Use the right ball for the job!

Remember that the bowling ball is, well, a bowling ball! These things are freaking heavy and as you can probably guess, they’re really hard to throw. Don’t try to use the bowling ball for faraway hoops, as even with full power, they won’t travel very far. Switch to basketballs for those! However, if there are nearby hoops below the Dude, then bowling balls might work to your favor.

With that, you should be the ultimate DUDE PERFECT! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share with us about perfecting the dudeness in all of us, leave a comment below!



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