In Amman, the sun-baked capital of Jordan, developer 3 Dot Games has been working away on a rhythm-based platformer, and it’s finally hopped into mobile stores the world-over.

Daft Jump tasks you with controlling characters as they’re confronted by platforms, spikes, lasers, voids and other obstacles. There are 8 levels in total to overcome, with 2 more coming soon. The levels scroll to meet you, so there’s no hanging about – it’s jump or die.

You need to tap your way to the end of each stage, where you’ll be sucked up into the awaiting spaceship. Along the way, collect as many gold coins as possible – these are sprinkled around the levels, often guiding the way.

Visually, the game captures the zeitgeist of throwbacks to the ‘80s. Everything looks like it’s taking place in a neon-lit nightclub, or in Tron’s ENCOM mainframe. There are cassette tapes, boomboxes and a synth soundtrack.

The characters themselves look like disembodied heads – as though a certain Parisian music duo had a run-in with cheese wire. As you progress, you can unlock more characters, as well as glean character-specific rewards.

Along with treacherous obstacles, you must also contend with gameplay twists such as gravity flips and reverse play, all of which might leave you hopping mad. But you can easily switch difficulty settings with a tap.

Sound like something worth jumping up and down about? Download Daft Jump from Google Play and the App Store for free.


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