Today we heard the news that Weed Firm got canceled, but this didn’t completely ruin our days as we’ve been playing for a while Drug Wars, a relatively simpler but funnier game in the same niche. We’re not here to compare the two products, though, we’re here to share with you some Drug Wars cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide for the game, one that will help you get insanely rich from your spamming.

So let’s start with some Drug Ward tips and tricks for this addictive iPhone game (which you probably just started playing because of the other game, but this one was here on the App Store since 2011!)

1. Pay your debt ASAP
The first thing that you want to do – and you want to do it as fast as possible is to pay your debt. You get huge interest rates every day, so make sure you score a good sale and even if you remain with only a few bills, pay your debt. The loan shark will always be in Brooklyn, represented by a blue shark symbol on the map.

2. Buy low, sell high
And no, there’s no pun in this Drug Wars tip. It’s common sense: you need to buy at the lowest possible price and sell at the biggest possible price. Personally, I wrote down all 7 prices based on a few days of travels and then used them as a guidance to decide which of the prices are great for purchase. Usually, there is at least one product in any city that you can get for a lower price than what you’d be expecting to sell it for.

3. Start with the cheap products, move up to the more expensive ones
It’s pretty common sense, I guess, but you should start with the cheapest products (the first two products) and then work up to purchase products that cost more. The real profits are coming from the top products, because you can get price differences of a few thousand dollars.

4. Always buy sausages and inventory boosters
Whenever you get the random event that gives you the choice of purchasing a sausage or a larger inventory, purchase them! The sausage is extremely useful because it can save you from cops and the extra inventory allows you to carry more products, so you can make more profits.

5. Always fill up your inventory
Even though there are rare occasions when you might find that wonder chest that gives you free items, you’re better off simply filling up your inventory and selling a full inventory because you get more profits this way than waiting for random events.

6. What areas are the best?
Everything is randomly generated in Drug Wars, and there is no good area for great prices. Manhattan is the only that gets the dollar bill icon next to it, meaning that the prices are really good there, but otherwise it’s randomly decided, so pick up your areas based on preference and see how it goes. It might be the case that some items are cheaper in some areas and others more expensive, but we were not able to find those patterns.

7. Play the longer games
It’s a lot easier to rack up the high scores by playing the longer games and it’s more fun too! So go for the longest time frame available and have fun!

These would be for now our Drug Wars tips and tricks. We didn’t find any actual cheats, but we’re still looking and we’ll share them with you if we find them.


  1. This strategy guide is terrible. I’m going to make a better one.

    1. Before you do anything on the first day, go back to the loan shark and borrow all $50,000 you are able to borrow.

    2. As OP says: Memorize, or, if you have the intelligence of OP, write down the normal prices as you see them.

    3. Buy the Highest priced good that is selling for a cheap price. So, Phentermine should be the first drug you should look at, even on the first day. in it’s case, if it is selling for >16000ish, Buy. If not, look at the second highest price good.

    4. As the OP says, Pay back the loan shark as quickly as possible, and then always take out a new loan until you have enough money to be completely invested in phentermine and still have money left over. Always repay the loans quickly and re-up if you need to to reset the base interest. This means that you should always be going back to Brooklyn every other day.

    5. Once you no longer need to use all your cash to buy a full stock of phentermine, start putting cash in the bank so it doesn’t get robbed. This means that you should now be going back to Manhattan every other day.

    6. Repeat until time expires.

  2. Considering this is based on PRICES, why hasn’t given a general list of price ranges for the drugs? Even the most basic market/auction house player knows to do this stuff. It’s the general price ranges that are the secret to this game.


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