Nitrome is back with another game oozing with retro charm! Drop Wizard Tower is arcade-styled platformer where you play as magical wizards who must fight the way through the Shadow Order’s tower! Our Drop Wizard Tower cheats and tips will help you score big and free the Ancient Egg!

This classic throwback to games like Bubble Bobble is very challenging, so let’s get right to it with our Drop Wizard Tower cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Choose the right level ups!

An important thing to keep in mind is that upon leveling up for the first time, you can pick any level up on the board. Every level up after that, you can only pick ones that are adjacent to your first level up. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re deciding which node to pick. Anyways, here are what the level ups do.

  • The yellow star is your stun power. Higher stun power will keep enemies stunned for longer when they’re hit by your projectiles.
  • The blue lightning bolt is your magic. Higher magic power fills up your magic gauge quicker, allowing you unleash big blasts of magic more often.
  • The green boot is your movement speed. Self-explanatory!
  • The red heart restore an extra life. Note that this does NOT increase your maximum lives. Be careful – picking this when you’re at four lives will not do anything, but the game will allow you to pick it anyways, effectively wasting that level up.

We recommend prioritizing movement speed and stun power! These two stats will help you get through the levels faster.

Look out for the Umbrellas!

Umbrellas are super rare items that will pop up from time to time. Yellow Umbrellas will make you skip ahead two levels – neat! However, the real prizes are the Red Umbrellas. These babies will make you skip ahead eight levels. That’s crazy helpful! Drop everything you’re doing and make a beeline to an umbrella if you see one spawn!

Spell out WIZARD!

You’ll see bottles with letters inside them spawn every now and then. Collecting all of these letters will spell out W-I-Z-A-R-D, and you’ll be transported to a bonus level. There are four big gems and a bunch of small gems in the bonus level, so run around and grab them as many as you can before they disappear! The bonus level is pretty much a guaranteed level up, so try to finish the spelling as soon as you can.

Unlock Baburu!

Baburu, the little green angler fish guy with a water orb, is one of the first characters you can unlock with gems. His stun power is one level less than the standard starting stun power, but he makes up for it with a really good magic spell. His spell shoots out a water a wide water column where he’s standing, and any enemies caught in it are instantly destroyed! We think this is a much better spell than Teo’s. In addition Baburu doesn’t suffer from reduced movement speed when moving in water.

Dance on a platform!

Remember that if you need to buy some time, you can dance on a platform while you’re waiting. Tapping left and right rapidly will make your character shuffle back and forth, letting any danger below you pass while you dance the night away. Additionally if your character hits a wall, holding down the movement button in the direction of the wall will make your character stay completely still.

That’s all for Drop Wizard Tower! If you’ve got any other dropping tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!



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