Roll, tumble, and drop your way through a unique platforming adventure in Super Drop Land! From the start up team Lamington Games, Super Drop Land is a fun little adventure to show that platformers do not always need to be side to side!

You play as a little cube who can only roll left or right. Watch out below – there are probably some holes lying around, but you will need to drop through them in order to get through the level. It sounds simple at first, but like any good platformer new gimmicks are introduced to keep players on their toes!

Players will travel through ten different themed worlds, each with its own unique level mechanics and twists. As you progress through the worlds, you will even earn stylish hats for your little cube! But wait, these hats are not just for show – they also grant you special powers!

You cannot just drop through the entire level though, so no tom foolery here! Each level has an objective that you must complete before you reach the bottom – otherwise you will need to restart the whole level! These objectives usually involve you catching a furry friend of some sort, so be on the lookout for cute critters!

And for the competitive types, once you find the Racing Crown, there’s a time attack mode where you race against other players. Be the first cube to reach the bottom and claim victory! It’s all or nothing!

Super Drop Land is dropping onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today! Get it and start dropping now!


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