Centered around easy-to-learn, hard-to-master arcade gameplay, developer IsCool Entertainment has brought its new eSports-centric puzzle game BAZOO to digital shelves – being free to download from both the App Store and Google Play from today.

Firmly placing “skill” at the forefront of its fast-paced puzzle gameplay, BAZOO aims to keep the competitive field level when friends play online in any of the games three unique modes. Whether in classic Ladder, competitive League, or user-created Battle, everyone receives the same number of blocks in the same order when playing, requiring intense and calculated strategy in order to succeed.

An in-game training mode ensures that both hardcore and casual BAZOO players can perfect their puzzle strategy before taking the fight online. Looking to work your way up the global leaderboards? Then be prepared to educate yourself on all of BAZOO’s randomized bonus weapons, which could drop anything from rockets to bombs at any moment.

A live spectator mode provides yet another means for you to learn new tactics while also being able to watch your favorite players duke it out. Advanced player stats make tracking progress easy and with literally thousands character custom combinations waiting for you to unlock, BAZOO provides progression just as much as skill.

BAZOO is free to download now for both iOS and Android devices.


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