Take to the skies as a deadly drone and rain down destruction on your enemies! Drone : Shadow Strike is an action military warfare game that tasks you with piloting a drone. Using all of the equipment available to you, you will take out designated targets, protect civilians, and more. Read on to operate your drone with skill with our Drone: Shadow Strike cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Ready to destroy bad guys on the ground? Let’s get started with our Drone: Shadow Strike tips and tricks guide!

1. Complete the challenges!

Each levels has a number of optional challenges for you to do besides the main objective. These challenges reward you with a nice amount of cash, sometimes even gold – the game’s premium currency – which is great! Some of them require you to finish the level within a certain time limit, some require you kill enemies with a specific weapon, and so forth. Be sure to check to them before you go into the level, but remember that you can also check them at any time during the level by tapping them at the top left.

2. Bring the right weapon for the job!

There are different types of weapons, but the ones you’ll be using for a while are your cannons and missiles. Cannons are split into two different types: cannon and heavy cannon. Regular cannons act like machine guns: rapid fire, but pretty weak. Heavy cannon bullets travel slower but deal more damage. Also to note are each cannon’s bullet type: anti-infantry and anti-vehicle. If you’re going into a zone with a lot of infantry, obviously bring the anti-infantry cannon!

There are also multi-purpose cannons that deal an equal amount of damage to everything, but never excels past the specialized cannons. All of this also applies to missiles, as they come in two flavors: anti-vehicle and anti-tank. Vehicles are classified as the lightweight speedy vehicles, such as jeeps. Tanks are, well, tanks! Bringing the right weapon types is key for beating some of the levels within a certain amount of time.

3. Watch out for rockets!

The main way enemies will be able to deal damage to you are through rockets. RPG soldiers will be marked with a high priority target market, which is a blinking red box that is more accented than the regular red target boxes. Take these guys out as fast as you can so you can save your flares for an emergency. The best way to do this is to upgrade your drone’s Radar functionality, which increases the range of your map alerts. You see those icons that surround the border of your screen? Those are the map alerts, and when you have an upgraded radar, it’s easier to see where the RPG soldiers are.

4. Switch between weapons for maximum firepower!

Get into the habit of switching between your weapons on the fly. You shouldn’t ever let one of your weapons reach maximum load, because that means you’re not switching enough! Fire everything you’ve got! If one gun runs out, immediately switch to another; don’t wait for it to reload.

5. Stay on the move to take out targets swiftly!

There’s a combo system in the game. If you kill another enemy within a couple seconds from another kill, you’ll get a combo bonus. You can keep the chain going by destroying as much as you can as fast as you can. You’re rewarded with a lot of points, which means more cash at the end of the level! Some levels even have challenges where you need to get a combo up to a certain amount, so practice scanning around for enemies. Upgrading your drone’s radar helps a lot too, as mentioned above.

Act swift, and sweep the ground! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


    • Tap the targets you want to hit (multi tap to hit with more than one rocket). As long as you don’t change weapons, when you fire, they will track and hit target you tapped (as long as nothing is in the way like buildings)

    • Tap the targets you want to hit (multi tap to hit with more than one rocket). As long as you don’t change weapons, when you fire, they will track and hit target you tapped (as long as nothing is in the way like buildings)

    • The hels laser fully upgraded (including gold upgrades) makes things a lot easier as well as the maverick missiles. Once you get further along, you can make a lot more money. I saved up enough to get the roc.

    • Replay earlier missions until you save up for upgrades. Don’t buy the next upgrade/weapon, save for big ones. I used predator drone most of the way and saved for help, longbow, pave way and maverick then upgraded these when I could. With pave way and upgraded rock eye, duck hunt 2 is great for cash collecting quick… 2-300k in under 30 seconds. Make sure to hit all the trucks clustered for the big cash before you destroy the last plane

    • The ICBM is the delivery method (the missile itself). The payload it carries can be a nuke, or standard munitions (or in the 60/70s, humans and satelittes). ICBM simply refers to the platform’s range

  1. A combo is a several kills (vehicle or infantry) in quick succession. You can obtain a large combo by using bombs or lots of missiles. In my experience, it’s pretty hard to do with rockets. The easiest way is a nuke with many enemies on the field.

  2. Does anyone know if it’s possible to kill all the enemies on swordfish? Ive used 4 nukes and they keep coming. Too fast for me to use anything else. It says I’ve completed it, and all the challenges are done, but they next mission isn’t open! Please advise!

    • Swordfish is a survival mission. You must lose the question is how long can you last. I believe it you survive for a certain amount of time, it achieve a certain score, you will pass

    • Wait for 10 enemies to be in the field. Then kill then all without letting more than 2 seconds pass between kills. You can do this with a bomb if they are close, or rockets if they aren’t. You can even use an upgraded longbow on 10 tanks since it cools faster than 2 second and generally kills tanks in one shot. It helps to match the weapon to the target to ensure one shot kills. Eg, if you have 8 rockets, target infantry, jeeps, and APCs, then just longbow 2 tanks or so

    • let as many enemies as possible get on the field. as soon as their almost off the battlefield, give em hell(destroy each one. front to back)

  3. Guys! I purchased the ROC drone. Pretty mighty armour and good stealth.
    My drone has a package of Maverick missile, HEL cannon, Cyclops rockets and paveway bombs.

    I really need help finishing PigSty. Those VIP tanks can’t be blasted even after 10 missile shots and multiple rocket and bomb launches.

    Think nuking the crap out of them would help any? I’m thinking of calling in an airstrike and an ICBM launch.

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