Driver Speedboat Paradise Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Time to make it big in the world of speedboat racing! Driver Speedboat Paradise is the newest high-speed racing game in the acclaimed Driver series. Take the wheel of a professional speedboat and conquer the world! Race at various locals, upgrade your boats, and even take down the speedboat mafia with the help of our Driver Speedboat Paradise cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Draft to overtake your opponents!

If you’re kind of close to the boat in front of you, try to stay behind them. You’ll notice that you will start getting drafting points, and if you manage to stay behind them long enough, the screen will turn slightly light blue and you’ll get a nice speed boost! These are called drafting boosts and are very useful if you don’t have nitro to fall back on.

2. Nitro into your opponents!

During the tutorial, you will learn that nitro boosting into a group of police boats will make you plow right through them. What the game doesn’t tell you is that you can do this to the other boats during any race! If you’re having trouble overtaking an opponent, just cut out the middle man and wreck them! Keep in mind that you can activate nitro whenever you want, even if it’s not fully charged. If you see the opportunity, take it!

3. Get those stars!

Each level has 5 optional objectives for you to complete. They will ask you to do things like place in 1st, finish the race under a certain time, and so forth. Each star you obtain nets you an extra $1,500, so it is very worth it to do these challenges! On top of that, you will need a certain amount of stars to unlock the next set of levels.

4. Grab the ship parts!

Often times you will need to decide between picking up a nitro boost or a ship part when you’re going off a ramp. If you’ve got some space and time to spare, you should go for ship parts. Ship parts are required to upgrade your boats, and you will need to upgrade your starting boat right away in order to keep up with the opponent boats. If you feel you need the nitro though, don’t hesitate to grab it!

5. Check out your timed missions!

On top of the star missions, you also have timed missions. These missions change daily, so check back often for new ones. If you see one you think you can do, keep track of it because the game doesn’t notify you of them during gameplay. If you can complete one, you can collect rewards from it, but if you fail, you have to wait the recharge time in order to get a new one!

6. Don’t settle for less!

A couple levels into the Miami set will net you your first sponsor. At first, they’ll only offer you around $40 per hour, but you can bargain them. Take note of the chance – your first bargain option will probably have a 100% chance of success, so don’t hesitate! After that though, it will begin to drop down significantly. After two successful bargains, we were able to bump up our cash to $50 per hour. Be a little risky, but don’t go overboard! In order to get more sponsor offers, you’ll need to up your lifestyle rate. You can do this by purchasing superfluous stuff, but it’s pretty pricey. You should prioritize upgrading your boats first.

Keep your boats polished and your shoes shined, for this is just the start of your speedboat career! If you’ve got any other racing tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Driver Speedboat Paradise Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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