Drive Ahead! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


It’s you against the computer – or a friend – in this wacky arena racing game! Drive Ahead! is a simple one touch game where the objective is to smash into your opponent’s head! Pick from a variety of cars and duke it out in several different arenas that have their own tricks and traps! We’ll help you smash the competition with our Drive Ahead! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Flipping over? Go in reverse!

If you see that your car is beginning to tilt backwards too far, going in reverse is a quick remedy. By accelerating your tires backwards, you’ll add momentum towards the front end of your car and you’ll be back on the ground in no time. Just be sure that you don’t hold reverse for too long, otherwise you might end up going back too far!

2. Pick Ramp for an easier win!

Instead of letting the game randomly select the level for you, try choosing the “Ramp” level. This level is a simple flat island with one tiny bump in the center. At the start of a round, immediately accelerate towards your opponent. Don’t over accelerate, otherwise you’ll flip yourself off the ramp. Do it moderately! If done correctly, you should beat your opponent to the middle and the little ramp will give you a small boost that you usually end up landing right on top of your opponent. It takes a little practice but once you get it down you can get some easy wins!

3. Complete the missions!

Aside from destroying your opponents’ heads for fun, you can also tackle a mission. You are reminded before every game what your mission is, and if you complete it you’ll earn some coins. Usually the missions will task you with winning a certain amount of game using a specific vehicle, so they’re not too bad to complete. Try them out!

4. Pick the bigger vehicles!

By default, the game will randomly pick a vehicle for you. You can choose for yourself if you want, and we recommend doing so! We found that it is much easier to gain the upper hand by using a heavy set vehicle, such as the Garbage Truck or Minibus. With a heavier vehicle, you’re harder to push around and you have more ground coverage, meaning a higher chance of landing right on your opponent.

5. Play the slots right!

You can unlock additional levels and vehicles by playing the slot machine. In order to increase your odds, you need to bet more coins. For the first couple of spins, you won’t have to bet anything higher than the lowest amount and you will almost always win something new. Once your odds begin to drop below 80%, that’s the time you should consider betting more. Risk vs. reward! It’s probably better to be safe and bet a lot than just end up wasting a bunch of small bets.

And with that, you should be a rolling destruction machine! If you have any other tips or tricks to share with us, leave a comment below!

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Drive Ahead! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Wrong. Just flat out wrong. Always bet the minimum, the reward increases are too incremental. You recommend 80% so lets say that 100 coins gets me 50% and you’re going to bet 400 to get 80% (A realistic scenario I have seen). Now let’s say we have 1 million coins, I will get 10,000 bets and you will get 2500 bets. If I win 50% of those 10,000 bets I’ve won 5,000 bets, more than you even got to make. Of your measly 2500 bets, you would only win 2,000. Now I get that as you win the odds of winning goes down but it’s very simple. If you pay double the money, you better get double the odds of winning or it’s a waste of money.

  2. Tuys i have found debug mode in drive ahead it happened to me when iwas messing around and drive ahead crash then the game was messed up but debug mode was on


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