Dream Town Story Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


Kairosoft have recently launched Dream Town Story, an incredibly complex and beautiful city building sim. It is definitely in the style of other Kairosoft games (which means it’s lovely), but seems to be the most challenging of them all so far.

In today’s article we’re going to try and help you a bit with some Dream Town Story cheats and tips: a complete guide to help you build the best city that ever was, keep your residents happy and cash in the profits like a pro.

It won’t be easy, but it will sure be fun – so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Dream Town Story tips and tricks below in our guide.

Create a character with high work stats
You probably didn’t know this when you created your character, but having a character with at least 10 skill points in Work is essential for your city’s development. 10 work guarantees removal of boulders and other type of debris in the area.

Now, if you don’t have a character with their work to 10, you can still improve that. Keep building new businesses and other buildings in your city or use special items to increase their stats. Once you get to 10, you can start removing debris with increased chances

Increase rank for more population
If you want to get more residents and you have already maxed out, you should increase your rank. That is not easy to do and it’s achieved by winning points by achieving trophies. Being active in the game and playing for a long time helps too in order to unlock some of the achievements.

When you can increase your city’s rank, you must complete a challenge. This takes the form of a battle between your best buildings and some random ones controlled by the AI. Land Value is the most important thing here, so make sure that you try for a new challenge when your land value is really high. A good indicator that you’ll do well is the ease with which you managed to beat the previous challenge: the easier it was, the higher the chances you’ll pass the new one as well.

Always focus on raising land value
Land value is extremely important in the game because it influences not only the desirability of the area for new residents, but also the amount of money you can earn from rent or the businesses around it.

Increase the land value by placing decorations and combo buildings nearby and keep an eye on the best areas in the game – that’s where most of your money will come from.

It’s a good idea to have very high value near the metro stations because that influences the number of tourists you receive each month, and the more tourists you get, the more money you make.

Research businesses in the shop
Using the special points you earn through various methods in the game, you can research and get permits for new shops, facilities and decorations in the game. Make sure that you do that constantly, because the more businesses you have, the more money you will make.

Even more, the businesses you research will reward you with points that you can use for festivals and researching even more buildings.

How to unlock new areas in Dream Town Story
One of the biggest challenges in the game is unlocking new areas: you need to complete a specific milestone in order to get the area you unlock, otherwise you will lose all the buildings you have constructed there – and that’s really bad!

The good news is that you will get the chance to extend the deadline for one extra month 5 months in a row, so it’s not such a big pressure in the end… but it’s still difficult, depending on the requirements.

The things that you have to do when unlocking a new area, in order to make sure that it remains yours, are:

1. BEFORE starting the unlock, make sure that you have houses built nearby and residents ready to start roaming in the new area. Bonus: have one or two houses ready to be built and residents ready to come settle in the new area. Alternately, you can move one or two houses there.

2. AFTER starting the unlock process, start building (or move in) buildings that will provide the required items. If it’s regular coins, simply opening up several businesses will help a lot. If it’s other special items, build or bring in structures that have a chance of rewarding you with those special points.

3. BONUS: Hold festivals. Starting the unlock before getting a festival prompt greatly increases your chances of completing the requirements ASAP. Choose the right festival and you’re done!

Move things around… two at a time
You are only allowed to move 2 things per day if you don’t pay for the premium game, so plan your moves wisely. It can still be done under these circumstances, just make sure that you have a plan and work slowly to achieving it. In the end, there’s no real rush here!

Doing so also helps with the combos: if you place two or more buildings that are part of a combo close together, you will get a huge bonus or advantage. We’ll write about combos soon in a new article.

Change jobs & increase earnings
The better paying jobs your residents have, the more money they will spend in your city. Therefore, working constantly on changing the jobs your residents have to better paying ones is vital.

Use diamonds to increase the chances when changing a job and use job passes (if you have them) to avoid paying coins. But always work on getting your residents the best possible jobs available.

How to level up your buildings
Like many things in the game, leveling up your buildings doesn’t directly depend on you: there are specific stats that must be completed and these will take time. From having people spend X money in the shop, to having a specific number of customers and so on, buildings will level up at their own pace, but will do so eventually.

In order to increase the likelihood for your buildings to level up extremely fast, you should place them in very popular areas with lots of access from nearby residents.

Build houses around the Office Building
The Office Building is extremely important because that is where your Residents work. They earn money there and the money earned there are spent in the facilities near their houses.

If your residents don’t have enough money, they won’t be able to spend money in the city. Therefore, it’s extremely important to place all the Office Buildings that you have and be smart about it: place them close to houses nearby, so that as many residents as possible will have access to them.

I made the mistake early on to move my first and only Office Building in a new area, thinking that the money generated by it will actually get to my city instantly. It isn’t the case and things got worse because I had no houses with residents in the area… no jobs… no money. It was difficult to recover, so learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Dream Town Story is an extremely complex game and our tips and tricks can surely be improved with more advanced details and advice. If you have extra strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

Also, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask them and we’ll do our best to help.

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Dream Town Story Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


    • Its help a lot to do those task challange you can see what you can get for every challenge.
      Click on Action – > challenges -> just pick those challenge that you can earn tour vouncher.

      Challenges like – > get over 16150G in founds to get 15 tour vouncher as reward

  1. Hi. I accidentally removed my top resident (for the third time) and he won’t come back unlike the first two instances. I’ve used all my boosts on that resident and it’s been months on the game. Is there a limit on how many times a removed resident can come back?


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