It’s time to get the neighborhood into shape! Dream Gym lets you build the gym of your – wait for it – dreams! Choose where the equipment goes, decorate it to your liking, and make sure your clients end up happy. We’ll show you how to build the best gym with our Dream Gym cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Train your Members!

Members are persistent people who will stay with your gym in the long run, which means more profit and experience! However, in order to convince a member to stay with you, you need to fulfill all of their requests. They have personal quests that you must complete, such as training one of their stats to the max. Be sure you prioritize members, as they have energy just like your own character. This means that you can train them for all they’re worth until they’re drained, at which point they’ll leave, recover, then come back after a brief period of time. Temporary clients will leave immediately upon finishing their first exercise, so they’re not as important.

2. Follow the quests!

Are you lost in what to do next for your aspiring gym? Follow the quests! The main line of quests are a general guide of what you should be doing next, and they will ensure that your gym stays in tip-top shape. They’re also worth a lot of experience and coins, so don’t skip them!

3. Save your money!

Certain items, such as clothes, do not add any beneficial effects to your gym. All they’re good for is cosmetic value, so don’t waste your money on them! Save your money for new equipment and decorations. Speaking of which…

4. Expand your gym and decorate it!

Make you expand your gym as it gets more popular. Do not allow your density to drop into the red – your clients will become uncomfortable and they won’t visit as often! Once you’re high enough level, you can also start decorating the gym. This helps clients be more comfortable!

5. Don’t neglect your own trainer!

It’s easy to get caught up in the needs of your clients – as you should be – but don’t forget about your own character! As you learn in the tutorial, you can train your character’s stats just like you can train clients. If you bring all of your stats up to a certain level, you’ll unlock additional bonuses for your character.

With that, everyone is going to be a fitness hero! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. How can I store my equipment? At times, some items have the storage box when I long press. Other times, they don’t. I want to store some gym equipment I’m not using until I expand again. Thank you!

  2. The man in the suit who comes in to sell cheap equipment has been pushed out by some of my clients and he is stuck. Do you know how to fix this?

  3. I’ve showed the way out to one client of mine and since then the client limit present in my gym is 1 less than the max limit. How to fix it?
    Please consider.

    • If you didn’t figure this out study the list of clients. You will notice that there is a countdown in one of the boxes when that reaches zero, you’ll get another


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