Drancia Cheats: Tips & Tricks


Drancia is an incredibly charming action role playing game which removes the more complicated gameplay mechanics to offer an almost arcade experience. The game is really fast paced as well, making it perfect for a play on the go. If you’re stuck in the game and cannot advance to later stages, this Drancia Cheats: Tips and Tricks Guide will help you by providing some useful tips that will make your time with the game more enjoyable.

  • Skill Tree

Each of the playable characters of the game comes with a different skill tree. By gathering enough coins during each stage, it’s possible to unlock one new node on the skill board. While most of the nodes are useful, as they increase your stats, the ones that unlock magic attacks are the best and must be unlocked as quickly as possible. These magic attacks have some different patterns but are incredibly useful for clearing the screen as well as deal some heavy damage to bosses.

  • Coins and Gems

As already mentioned above, coins are used to unlock nodes on the skill board. In order to receive more coins, you need to keep your chain combo going by defeating enemies and not getting hit. This is quite difficult in later stages, as you will also have to avoid various stage hazards so make sure to gather as many coins as possible in the first stages, which are way more straightforward.

Gems are the second currency of the game and they’re earned when completing a round. Gems can be used to purchase items which can only be used once so make sure to use them only when you’re trying to get the best possible score.

  • Characters

Despite playing properly, you may still end up not being able to clear a stage. In this case, it’s a good idea to change characters, as their different stats may be more suited for your fighting style.


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Drancia Cheats: Tips & Tricks


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