I think that it’s pretty safe to say that we all love dragons, so having a game where we’re challenged to raise them is really great. That game is called Dragons World and it’s available to anybody who owns an iOS-based device. And since the game is extremely complex, we’re here to share with you a set of Dragons World cheats: a series of tips and tricks that will hopefully make a great strategy guide, one that will help you get the most of the game.

So let’s check out all the basic Dragons World tips and tricks below!

Spread your habitats evenly
Every level that you earn increases the maximum number of Dragon habitats by one (and sometimes by two). The idea is to spread even the habitats to make sure that you will always have room for all types of dragons. There are 8 types of habitats and a ton of dragons that can live in them, so make sure that you have enough room especially for those special dragons out there.

Don’t spend gems on multi-element dragons
As you probably know already, multi-element dragons (fire-earth, for example) can only be be purchased with gems from the market, but gems are the premium currency and you want to keep them for other situations. The easiest way to get dragons (including multi-element dragons) for free is by breeding them. It does take time, but has a 100% success rate and it’s, well, free! When you try for even more elements dragons, you might not get them from start, but keep trying. Eventually you will and there’s really no hurry to do it.

Feed the dragons with battles in mind
Raising dragons wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t send them to battle, and you can do that in Dragons World! Your dragons level up as you feed them and you should choose their perks with battles in mind (when it comes to dragons who can fight, obviously). Although these perks are not directly related to battle, you can choose them to help you grow even faster, like the free level which grants extra power to your dragon or more increased breeding time. It’s your choice, but always have the big picture in mind.

Follow the quest line
The best way to be introduced to new dragons (and I believe that there’s always a greater chance of getting that specific breed when a quest is involved) is to complete the quests. There will be a ton to start with, so make sure you complete them to fully understand the game’s mechanics and have a solid and varied army of dragons at hand.

What Habitats to buy?
One of the most important things in the game is to have as many coins as possible, so going for habitats that allow you that (like the Earth one or water or, of course, the magic and twilight) is the better idea.

Multi-element dragons are key to success
The hybrid dragons that you have should be sent to battle as they have multiple elements to use against the weaknesses of the other dragons. The game functions on a rock, paper, scissors mechanic meaning that an element is strong against another, but weak against the third one, so the more elements you have in battle, the bigger the chances to exploit those weaknesses.

How to earn XP fast
The easiest way to earn more xp points fast is to buy decorations (then sell them and buy again and so on). Right now, the Large Tree seems like the best option in terms of xp per gold goin, but always keep an eye on the market for new additions and maybe better deals.

How to earn coins fast
Basically going with the recommendations regarding habitats, the easiest way to earn coins is to maximize your habitats that can hold large numbers of dragons and fill them with dragons that produce quick gold. Also, leveling up your dragons increases the amount of gold that they earn you, so investing in them is not only good for battle, but also for bringing you as much money as possible.

Optimize space usage
You will run out of space really fast, so you should do your best to optimize its usage: move all the things that you have as close as possible so that the smallest amount of space is wasted. It might not look as good as you’d like it to look, but it will be optimized and ready to give you maximum gains!

These are, for now, our tips and tricks for Dragons World. Do you have other strategies that you use? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I’ve been playing Dragon City for a Looooooong time (like years) up until just recently, and I found Dragons World and I’m totally surprised that it wasn’t more popular than D.C. was. I was also surprised to see how difficult it is to find information about the game (compared to the amount available for Dragon City). Your article is insightful for beginning players, so thank you for posting this! I hope that as you get further along in the game you’ll be able to post even more suggestions like these :)

    • Click on the dragon. the feather is on a bar just above the dragon in the right corner. any level will work. i renamed all of mine.
      i read in a forum that the game does have a breeding memory, so yif you breed a tortoise dragon with fire for example, and got a lava, toy could. raise it and give it the percent fpr rare perk and breed it with the water and increase your chances. i.
      have not tested yet.

    • If they are a posing elements you have to breed other dragons that have the element you need in them. Since you can’t breed fire and water you breed a dragon that has fire in it such as a flower dragon with a dragon that has water in it such as a Lilly dragon.

      • I got the steam dragon by breeding a dragon with 2 elements (one of them water) & another dragon with 2 elements (one of them fire) & out came a steam dragon. You will probably have to have a high percentage of getting a rare dragon with both of them :)

  2. Level ten is the maximum. At level ten you can begin training your dragons in the ‘training ring’ and split them in the magic lab to get ‘elements’ that can be used to buy huge habitats as well as learn new attacks at the higher player levels.

    I don’t know how high the attack levels can reach through using the training ring though. I don’t battle a lot.

    To get steam dragon I bred Lava dragon + Water dragon. It helps to have the rare dragon perk as this combination can also breed tortoise dragon.

    I like to rearrange and put decorations in my habitat. Sure I don’t get as much gold, but it gives XP, looks pretty, and I spend most my time breeding anyways. That being said, gold isn’t exactly hard to come by. Gems will upgrade your nursery, buy premium decorations (many pretty one exist that can be bought for gold in the higher levels, like the obelisk. ), and speed up tasks. Totally playable without buying gems though.

    Also mind you breeding a higher element with a lower hybrid does not mean it absolutely will be the higher element. I just bred magic dragon with predatory dragon and received a grass dragon. Keep track of your breeding lines, the game isn’t ‘completely random’ when it comes to breeding, it takes your dragon’s breeding history into account. Cycle your breeding dragons, I’m replacing my current dragon with this grass dragon when it hatches.

    • Interesting thing, Catcus! I didn’t realized and I didn’t really thought that it might be possible for the game to remember the breeding history of the dragons. That’s really a nice find since you can “specialize” dragons this way!

    • You can go past level 10 with your dragons by evolving them. If you read further up there is someone with a level 15 dragon and I have a level 11 fire dragon.

    • The first level is up to level 10 then if you have the evolution building, once your dragon have has been evolved, the dragon can go up to level 15, then you have to evolve again to go up to level 20 and so forth.
      I notice that when you are training your dragon, each power can go up to level 14 but as you train your dragon the next level, the training costs more money and sometimes certain elements are required.

      The best way I found to increase your elements faster, is to have two elements dragons(i.e. fire/earth dragon gets you earth & fire elements).

      I have 4 dragons that are level 15 and highest level dragon I seen so far, is a level 20 when I visited someone’s land.

      Hopefully this helped.

  3. Are there any cheats software available for this game, as everywhere I go, I found this software but you need to complete a survey which never work for me.

    Can somebody please assist me on this.

  4. I am compiling an actual spread sheet of the breeds. Any input would be greatly appreciated. The entries will be of Level 10 dragons. Meaning using only level 10 dragons to breed with. Email me at [email protected]. thank you. I will post the sheet when it at least 1/4 of the way done and will update weekly.

    • I am very interested in this! I will try to help, but I just started my game. I will be keeping track of parents (see Cactus’ post on January 24 9:27 pm).

    • You can battle any dragon – just remember, the more elements a dragon has, the better chance of winning. for example… if you have a two elemental dragon (nature and fire, lets say) and you battle a dragon that has THREE elements, you might loose – depending on their battle points
      if I recall, 2 elemental dragons can go as high as 11,000+ points, 3 = 14,000+ and 4, 16000+
      So pay attention to that and how many gems you’re using based on the dragons element – remember that one with magic will kick butt against one with nature, fire, earth, water = like said above, it goes like rock, paper, sissors – one element is better than the other (csnt remember which)

  5. Do decorations actually do anything for you, or are they just pretty? Can I sell all the decor I got for quests to make more room?
    Thanks for the info. Please keep updating since info aBout dragons world is so sparse.

  6. Hello. I have been trying non stop to break rare dragons but can’t seem it pin point the exact couple. But with the dragons I do breed I make sure they have a full 3 stars for the chance of a rare dragon. And I sell the ones that don’t give me the option for a rare dragon. I know people at a level 5-8 that have rare dragons already and I’m a level 45. Yet still no rare dragons. I’ve been at this non stop and here I find myself with none. If anyone can help me or send me a list of breeding rates please by all means send me a list on my email. Thank you.

    • I think it matters on what dragon u pick first to breed. I switched the order on one pair and got a rare one. I’ve gotten some cool ones, with random picks. I’m going to keep trac for future tips. I’ve bred Chinese, desert, petal, diamond, rainbow. But I didn’t keep track, which I will now. I’m on level 16. I can’t even evolve my dragons because there isn’t an evolution temple, so it’s getting depressing. I really am naive when it comes to computers and games. Add If u need friends

      • there is no way you can be sure to get a rare dragon, at lvl 13 i got a predatory dragon, the way i did it was i tried about 20 times to breed dragons that has the right elememts, and when you breed the dragons with the start elements there is not so long wating time.. just keep trying and suddenly you have a rare dragon.

        • I’m with Luke – It took me until level 20 to get the dessert dragon – I wish I knew which ones I bred!
          I’m at level 24 and cant reproduce it again :(

      • Need dragon world friends: Kimberly M Moore from char. Nc (has pic of baby lizard & FB page has a Cali. Kingsnake send friend request through FB I’ll accept….if you scroll down you see where I posted where I’m at in the game.

    • From a programmer’s point of view, you get the highest changes using a breeding pattern that allows the least amount of possible outcomes. The chance to get a rare dragon only does what it says: it raises your chance to get a rare by that percent. So if your percent to get that dragon is. This means that if the chances to get a rare from a certain combo are 2%, with 20% + chances you get 2.4% chance to get a rare, not 22%.

      For example, here’s a practical guide to get a predatory dragon (I got mine in my 4th day of game, at level 9 after some 20-30 attempts): Get an earth dragon of level 6 with 10% chances of a rare dragon and a level 6 flower/spring/tropical/fruit with 10% chance of rare. Breed those two together (and only those 2, until you get a Predatory). Theoretically, if you could keep breeding those dragons non-stop, you should get a Predatory each 4th day. But you can’t breed them day-in/day-out, so expect 1/week or less, even if that’s all you do while you’re awake.

      The same applies for any other element combination, just change the elements. Try to pair up combinations that will produce dragons with lower breeding times. Contrary to popular belief, breeding speed helps, because you decrease the overall time of breeding, thus allowing for more breeding attempts in the same amount of time.

      A very important thing to have is an upgraded hatching tower, so you can hatch eggs with shorter time after eggs with bigger hatching time. (Otherwise you have to wait for the egg with bigger wait time to finish).

    • I just posted a practical guide above. Sorry for the typos in it, I shouldn’t have written it in the comment box. But I think it’s usable. :)

  7. You can battle with the steam dragon. It’s a rare however I got it on first try. I still cannot breed 3 elemental dragons though :/

    • It’s easy. The Flower Dragon is made up of the elements of Fire and Nature. Just breed a Fire Dragon with a Nature Dragon until you get a Flower Dragon.

  8. How could you breed a triple element dragon ( ex: fire, water, earth)or do you have to pay for them or breed a dagon of the opposite element could it be done

    • You should try putting a level 10 lava dragon (which is fire/earth) or any other two element level 10 dragon that has at least earth element in the dragon. I found that the lava dragon is the easiest to get both earth and fire elements and those dragons doesn’t take long to breed.

  9. Really could do with breeding chart as cannot breed dragona for my quests ha e tried and tried and still nothing.. getting ridiculous whats the point of playing if u cannot breed the rarer dragons they want u too xx

  10. I have so many better dragons on my island than are listed in my battles menu. How do I get them changed so I can use the stronger ones?

  11. How does one raise above level 10? I’ve battled two people that have level 20. Dragons with energies one health of like 19000?

    • You need to buy an evolution temple. Once level 10, you have the option to pay for evolution. Then you get one free level up to 11 (costs no food) then keep feeding and your health will increase. I’m working on my flower, and have reached 14 and have also trained him to add more power and attack skills to his capabilities. He can take down two dragons of 5000 health before fading because both his attacks are so strong. It takes a long time if you are like me and never pay for resources.

      • What about I pad? There is no temple of evolution? I try not to buy resources as I’m a single mom etc. but I am learning slowly too. Thanks for all the help. :)

      • I am not sure about Temple of EVolution. I used it once on level 10 fire dragon and now when trying to use again it tells me have to upgrade for $1,000,000. I don’t understand? Help anyone

      P.S. anyone need a friend or want one im on google+ Lucy Mies and my picture is a girl with pink hair looking at you if you need asitence finding me

  12. On toutorial they make you spend you crystals, don’t spend your crystals just wait till whatever your doing is done on the toutorial and do the next thing. Also in the toutorial they speed up the time so don’t worry. Just save your crystals.

  13. Luca I got the desert I believe by just breeding the lava and air dragon together and you just got to keep doing that until you get it

  14. I am breeding an air dragon and predatory dragon. It is 19 hours!! But I don’t know what dragon it is. Can u guys help me?

    • Wait I know it’s the desert dragon. Guys I’ll tell u a tip with desert dragons. To breed them use predatory dragon and air dragon, u will either get a terrible dragon or u will get the desert dragon or the cave dragon. My game center is Luca Susanna by the way friend me so we can share diamonds

  15. Hi would like to thank all those that have posted a feed on here have got a few tips out of reading through them. I have asked a few people to join me on dragons world but no one seams intrested i think i should have called myself billy-no-mates on here.

    • Need friends on Dragon World…..find me on FB….Kimberly M Moore from Charlotte NC (pic has a baby lizard, page shows a Cali. Kingsnake. I’m not the most computer savy person but if you talk me through it I can get there (my sons a genius but is way to busy to help his mom)

  16. PETE, I’m not sure what the deal is with adding friends. Attempts seem hit and miss. May Facebook friends say they Don’t receive my game friend requests. I’ve had slightly better luck with google+.

    Any advice on adding friends would be appreciated, from anyone.


  17. i see all these hacks and cheats and i cant get them to work PLEASE HELP ME and i will help you with whatever i can

  18. Hey. Im a level 17 and I dont have any rare dragons. Ive been trying to breed predatory dragons and rock dragons and all the rare dragobs but ive had no luck. So if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I also need more friends so follow me:) lexi lov on facebook alexis lovins on dragobs world and alexis lovins on google+ thanks:)

  19. for some reason I just cannot breed the steam dragon so hard I don’t even know like what I really need help I’ve tried every element that has to do with the steam dragon but I still cannot get it :-( I need help :-(

  20. U guys u have to breed the mixed ones with the originals ,u must feed them, like if u want a steam dragon u need a lava and a water dragon when u get their perks always pick rare chance and breed speed then romance u may get a steam dragon

  21. Look in the store and click on dragons. When you see the dragon you want, look at its elements. Then go and breed two dragons that have those elements. I don’t remember how I bred a magic dragon. But I have a lot of rare dragons, grass spring tortoise, snow, air, gryphon, and others. I just look in the store n see what elements the dragon I want has n when I look for ones of those elements to breed I make sure each of the ones I’m breeding has a perk for rare dragon. Good luck. I’m a newbie n I already have lots of rare dragons. Beginners luck? I think it is looking at the elements on the dragon in the store and then trying to breed dragons of those elements.

    • Would also like to know why a lot of my level ten dragons cannot go into the magic lab. They’re blocked out saying they’re too young. N my gryphon cannot go into evolution chamber.his name doesn’t even show up on the list? Anyone know why? Do they have to be level ten n then go to training first n then magic lab. I’m trying to put a level ten lava dragon in there and others and it won’t let me.

  22. How do you add friends that arn’t in your fb or g+. How do I add with email only? Do I have to put the person in my contacts first, too be able to send them a request in the game?


  23. Ive been doing alot of battling this week with the tournament. How is it I see people with the same dragon as me and at the same level with sometimes like 30% more health then my dragon.example: both were level 10 predatory dragons. Mine 4800 heath. Other 7000+. I also have several doubles of dragons and the health is not eactly the same but pretty close.

  24. It takes a LOT of tries to breed rares sometimes; I’ve been trying to get Obsidian for about 2 months. ^^’
    My best advice is: watch the perks your dragons get while leveling up and choose the ‘rare dragon’ perk whenever it’s offered.
    And don’t be unhappy if you get a dragon you didn’t want. You can either sell it when it hatches (free coins, yo) or raise it for the Magic Lab.
    Most of all, have fun! ;3

  25. I ungraded my evolution center and now it is saying my obsidian dragon is too young. I have trained him to level two on all his skills. Why won’t it let me evolution him again? Also, how do I get my dragons to levels above 10?
    Thank you

  26. To breed opposing element rares, you cannot breed them directly, but have to use a hybrid and a single element dragon at least, eg. Steam -Lava+Water, tortoise/River +Fire, etc. To breed three element rares, use the same concept. Rares take time, don’t give up when you don’t get one and keep trying :) The maximum level for dragons is 20. To get to that level, you need an evolution temple, a magic lab and some level 10 dragons to split for essences. Typically, the amount of essences to evolve it from 15 to 20 doubles. The evolution temple has to be upgraded once for 1 million gold to allow evolution from level 15 onwards. Good luck, and hope this helped! ^^

  27. If anyone could help me out with crystals. I really need to upgrade my nest. Any sent my way I will return the favor. You can add me as a friend using FB or gmail.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. To may who concern, if you want to breed a 4 element dragon, for example the Aztec, Amazon etc… because I got my Amazon dragon by breeding the TROPICAL dragon and SNOW dragon. ( tropical = 15% rare. Snow=10%rare) incubation time is 28 hours. The MAX level that dragons can go is 20 which includes evolution.

  29. I’m sooo glad I found a way to speak w/people who play this game! I have 0 friends & really don’t have a clue as to how to get them……anyone needing dragon world friends, find me on Facebook (I don’t check emails often if at all so FB is the best way to get in touch) I will accept friend requests: Kimberly M Moore from Charlotte NC, my FB page has a pick of a baby lizard & if you go to my page you’ll see a Cali. kingsnake) Don’t have $ to spend & because of the time I’ve put in the game I’m SO HATING I’ve ALMOST gotten almost as far as I can (without $) ..it seems u can only go so far without having an amazing amount of crystals &/food to grow your dragons! I’ve seen some cheats ….don’t like to cheat but I can’t count the times when trying to breed a dragon & looking through the list that all of a sudden I’ve bought another dragon I didn’t really buy just buy going through the list! Do the cheats work? I’d love to find some Dragon World fans to be able to chat with through FB! This is where i am! I’ve gotten most of my dragons to level 10….I have the lab, the evolution thing, & the training center & the place to store a few dragons….I really don’t know where to go from here w/out having tons of crystals. I haven’t trained &/or played tournaments yet….after I trade dragons for essences I don’t know where to go w/out $! Running out of room! I have two islands, 18 habitats(only room to upgrade 2 or buy 2 more), 10k in $, food is always scarce because when I breed a good dragon I feed it till level 10 so now food is at 70,000 but feeding one dragon usually takes 40,000-50,000! Please get in touch via FB…..sorry so long! Have a fab day!

  30. Love this game..it takes forever to wait for stuff..but very addictive and ive got the king dragon. Such a random game…I got my full moon dragon at level 13. ..now im almost at 23…25 is max…20 is max for dragons using evolution..stock up on food…ull need it…..9 is battle level max…and the best way to make items and crystals is to battle in the tournaments. spend a lot of time using the magic lab to split lots of dragons like lava etc…ull need alot of elements to evolve and to up ur training levels. Friend me on facebook Bradley alan….come see my land n get some ideas how to advance or feel free to ask me questions.

  31. Do u get more essences out of the dragons u break down at level 15 vs 10 without any perks added? Another wards is it in ur opinions better to Evo at 10 or 15 or do u do it at 20? What does everyone else do, I was doing 10 but was thinking that might not be the smartest way to get the most essences since u have to spend to get?

  32. Hey guys, I’m a level 25 player, and I have many rare multi element dragons. I have never used crystals to buy them and have only received them through breeding.
    There is a website you can find via Google, called nest eggs, which has information on each dragon and at the bottom of description it tells you the best combination to breed it.
    For example, I am currently trying to breed the brush dragon. It tells me that a fruit and magic dragon are the best combination. So those are the two I breed. I then breed those two dragons over and over again until I get the dragon I want. I use the same two. For example I have more than one fruit and magic dragon. So I make sure I’m using the same two all the time. Then I move on to the next dragon on my quest list
    Good luck guys

  33. Hay guys I’m a level 16 player and I gota new phone and wheni went toput my dragons world on my new phone it made me start over again and I have a friend also on dragons world and when she goes to look for me on her friends list and give me gifts or go visit my island it still says the level 16 game in stead of the other game and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could access my other account because I don’t want the new one I just started I want the one that I’ve been playing and working on

    • just be patient left it load and sign in I too recently got a new tablet and when at first I went in to dragon world it made me start over so I uninstalled it but then my sister installed it on her tablet and Im like f-it I’ll start over and when I reinstalled it it logged me it to my g+(Lucy Mies) and then I was level 17 again and all my dragons habitats and every thing was back
      Wheew that was my story but anyway just BE PATIENT OKAY

      Thanks,friend me
      Lucy Mies
      P.S.please friend me i already said my g+ and i don’t have a Fb so thats how you friend me

  34. I just bought a forge to make armor but I don’t know how to get the special resources. not the elements you get from splitting a dragon, but they are new ones i havent heard of as long as Ive been playing. Please help!

  35. You win them in tournaments depending on your finishing rank. Have not discovered if there are other ways to get them. I have forged 2 suits of armour but don’t understand what extra value it provides.

  36. At first dragons stop at lvl 10 but u can evolve them with the evolution building and they will be able to go up to 15 then evolve again and they go up to 20 I have several level 20 dragons. And since there are more elements and more dragons now. There are 4 element dragons that are great for fighting and a new element time will be coming out im not sure when. So keep playing the higher level you reacg the more things will open up for you. And keep battling.

  37. how do you breed a preditory dragon can someone please help me
    and who knows what the thing in my warehouse that looks something like gold is because i want 2 know what its about and stuff

  38. how do you breed a preditory dragon can someone please help me
    and how do i get a chinese dragon w/o paying for it????????


  39. What is with the offer on a Capricorn with rocks flowing out of it? It says 3 days and 2 minutes. Bit below it it says go here. You click it and it tells you can buy it with real cash. Did I press the offer to purchase it? Or is it download onto the game? I’ve checked both my phone bill and Facebook to see if it was purchased. I saw nothing on there indicating anything was bought. What does it mean. Will it take out my money in that amount of time or is it something else and not panic about it.

    • yes that would be because you need to be level 19 for the desert and you need to be level 22 for the tropical if you are these levels that may mean that you have to upgrade your version of this game

  40. I got a few rares :) I think the trick is finding a pair that will get you a good dragon no matter what. I usually do Twilight x Light magic/Fairy. You have a chance of Full Moon, Light Magic, Black Magic, etc. I think all of them are pretty cool.

  41. If you just want any kind of rare, a good pair is Phoenix x Earth. Both dragons are easy to get, and you can get Cave, Desert, or Rock Dragons! I got a Desert Dragon fist try. The only other ones you can get are Lava (2 min), Basic element dragons, and Phoenix (6 hours).


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