We all love dragons and when DreamWorks is involved, things seem to be even better in terms of the quality we get. Dragons Rise of Berk is the latest game featuring dragons released on the App Store and the one we’re talking about today. But we’re not here to praise it, we’re here to check out some Dragons Rise of Berk cheats and tips in what will hopefully become a complete strategy guide for all the players of this great game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out all the Dragons Rise of Berk cheats and tips below!

1. Connect your game to Facebook
It’s easy to get some premium currency, and that will help you greatly early in the game. You can get free runes by connecting the game to your Facebook account, so make sure you do it as soon as possible!

2. Feed & Upgrade your dragons
You need to feed fish to your dragons and upgrade them in order to have them bring you more resources. Focus on the resource producing dragons first, because you will need them, but don’t forget about Toothless – he’s your main dragon, after all. So feed them, train them and make sure they’re always at the maximum level you can afford!

3. Always have Toothless search for stuff
Even though relatively soon in the game your missions won’t require you to send Toothless searching, you should always have him out there searching for stuff. Choose the free option (one satchel) and get ready to collect a ton of useful resources. If you have extra eggs and you don’t want or need them, simply let them go and send Toothless once again to do some searching!

4. How to guarantee you get the dragon you want
Sending out Toothless with three satchels increases your chances of getting the dragon egg that you want – but it also costs runes, so only use that option when you really want to speed things up. If you are patient, it won’t cost you a thing and eventually you will get your egg/dragon!

5. Follow the missions
Right now, there are many “coming soon” features in the game, but once they are launched – including the Battle mode – things will surely become a lot more fun. But until then, focus on completing the missions in order to make sure that you get to experience the new options as soon as they are launched. Build up your city, upgrade your structures and Town Hall and, of course, your dragons.

6. Get free runes
You can always get some free runes in Dragons Rise of Berk and there are multiple options to get them:

– complete the missions (some reward you with runes)
– send Toothless to do some searching (sometimes you will get free runes as a reward)
– Watch videos or complete offers (tap the + icon near the Runes sign and you will have at the bottom of the screen these options. Take advantage of them to get some free runes!)

And this is all that we have for you right now in terms of Dragons Rise of Berk cheats and tips. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


  1. It is better to hatch an egg, and then put it to hangar. Then go to hangar and when you’ll release it, you get additional fish and wood ;) yeeeaay ^^

  2. help build huts for hiccup’s friend only if you can afford the discounted price of their dragons. Discounted price only last for 24 hours so make sure you can afford to buy them while on sale.

  3. toothless is at level 6 and says i need to feed him more for level 7…have over 1000 fish yet the feed button won’t pop up when i tap on him…help plz

    • If you want to take your dragon out of the hanger it is at the bottom right corner press open then place and out it on your berk

  4. If your dragon is in the Hanger by the bottom right side next to the fishery hut hit open and your dragon will say place or release hit place to put your dragon on berk

  5. If your toothless is on level 6 and you want it to go on level 7 you have to train him in the academy to upgrade him to level 7

  6. You can’t do anything with the boat. Does anyone actually have battle mode. I’m really far in the game and now there’s nothing to do. If battle mode doesn’t come soon I’m done playing. It was super fun in the beginning!

  7. I had just trained my scauldren to around level 13 and was tapping him to feed him but wasn’t responding on my new sony Xperia, next minute, he has vanished and I am devistated. My son will be so upset and so am I. He was our most beautiful dragon to watch and we searched for so long to get the egg. Well there’s thousands spent on fish and wood just gone. Was getting frustrated with how long it takes with so much time to do nothing,then this happens.

    • @tash try to look into the hangar…..you must have moved it in there by mistake…..hangar is a place in the game….near the fish trap….south of the village….open the hangar…..if there is your scauldren…..click place….then place it in the village

      Hope this is helpful….and yes scauldren is awesome and very useful too….keep growing it

  8. Um erets boat is kind of useless but bulid it!!!! It most likly will be used in battle mode. Oh yeah a hint go to where it says how many runes you have there it says free runes and watch videos. Watch the videos. Also there are videos in free runes. Also there are free runes for looking at flyers for stores. Also go to where it says how much wood you have . you would think that if you used up all the videos in the runes catagory there would be none there but there is. Same for the fish and vikings. Also dont spend money on serching for the hideous zippleback and skrill during the limmited time. You can serch for them when toothless is a certain level. I know for the skrill it is level 50. When you are collecting thing and toothless is ready to search send him looking for the terrible terror gronkle or montrus nightmare sorry for spelling mistakes. You will get small amounts of items but when you get a mission i dont know about you but i send toothless out looking for a snafflefang when i need to look for a timberjack ten min later. Check your inbox or for others look for the letter or your mailbox on the game. Its in the bottom right corner. But they will send you free runes every once and awhile. Last week i got 100 free runes today i got 20. Check it. Thank for reading hoped it helped.

  9. Is it better to train up your battle dragons to use in battle mode or should you concentrate on your regular dragons? Which dragons work best for you in battle?!? I am at Battle 26.

    • Train your defender dragons to use in battle mode and keep them in your hanger so that u leave space for your regular dragons to collect resources.

  10. How often do those offers for hiccups friends dragons come because I bought storm fly and actually gained 150 of the currency

  11. My toothless has a gold halo around his house, but I don’t know what to do. When I click the rider notification, it takes me to toothless, but there is nothing to click. It appeared around lv. 16 or 17 and has been there since

    • Ye, ik what you mean. That happens whenever there’s an event. Say, like the Springwing. Then there’s that “aura” around his house/den.

  12. I found out how to get eggs early without the dragon riders thing! All you have to do is click on the treasure chest. I got solar flare because of it!

  13. Hi a little help please
    i’v got a space on my island but did i still can not take Grapple Grounded out of the hangar. Any idea Thanks


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