There are a lot of spooky and cutesy dragons to collect in Dragon Story Halloween! Dragon Story Halloween is a city management game where you build your own village and raise all sorts of colorful dragons! We’ll help you out with some tips to building a good village with our Dragon Story Halloween cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Eventually, you’ll have a giant chain of islands full of wonderful dragons. But for now, we’ll start small and work our way up with our Dragon Story Halloween strategy guide.


1. Follow the quests!

As with almost every other city management game, there are quests to complete! These quests reward you with coins and food, sometimes even gold! They also help you with general progression, leading you to do what you should be doing next. Be sure to always be working towards these quests!

2. Feed your dragons to increase their coin generation!

Your dragons will generate coins as time passes. How much they generate is determined by their level; to increase their level, feed them food! Also, when they reach a certain level, they can begin the evolution process, which gives their coin generation a huge boost. Feed them as much as you can, so always keep your food stocks filled!

3. Whack some weeds to free up space!

Once you hit level 5, you can start expanding your land for more space. Before you do so though, you need to clear up the mess of foliage around your village! Removing each individual mess takes time and coins, so don’t go too hard on it, otherwise you’ll find yourself without any money left! Clear out the little ones first, as they take the least amount of time and coins, then go for the big trees.

4. Visit community islands to increase your social rating!

You can visit other players’ islands and play with their dragons! Not only does this help them, but this also increases your social rating. The higher your social rating is, the better chance you have of other players seeing your island, which means more help for you. Be a good neighbor and help out your fellow dragons when you can, as they don’t require any kind of resource from you.

5. Try to evolve as many dragons as you can!

When you first start out, you’ll probably wonder if it’s better to have a bunch of low level dragons or have fewer but evolved dragons. I think it’s very much worth it to invest in evolving few dragons, as the coin boost they get from evolving is pretty substantial. Once you get a couple dragons of each major type, maybe two, start planting a lot of food (you’re going to need it!) and start levelling them up, eventually evolving them. You’ll get more coins this way in the long run!

6. Also upgrade your habitats!

Having evolved dragons is fine and all but also remember that you need to keep their habitats upgraded as well! Habitats are a hard cap on the amount of coins your dragons can generate, so unless the habitat is up to date like your dragons are, they will be bottlenecking them! Don’t forget to upgrade them.

That should be a good starting point for you and your dragon island! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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