The Guild Wars have started in Dragon Soul (or DragonSoul, depending how you prefer to write the game’s name). After a long awaited wait, the war has finally started and at least in my Guild’s case, the first war ended prematurely and left us with a ton of questions, like: what the hell just happened? Yeah, it was a quick and painful death for us, we started with a lost war and the worst part was that we didn’t understood much out of the experience. And to make sure that you don’t go the same route, I have prepared for you a Dragon Soul Guild War guide, one that includes an overview of this new feature as well as tips on how to win all your wars in the game.

The truth is that the Guild Wars, if you get to organize things a little bit, is going to be extremely fun. Now let’s stop praising it and let’s see how to win Guild Wars in DragonSoul!


Dragon Soul Guild War Overview

Once ever 12 hours, the guild leader, one of the Champions or Officers are allowed to start a war using a Ticket offered for free (every 12 hours and you can stack up to 6 tickets). When you start a war, the guild is automatically paired with a guild with a similar number of trophies (and most likely members) and the attacking phase begins. Here is how it looks like:

dragonsoul guild war guide 01

These are your enemies and the shields under their towers show how many times they have been attacked.

The game recommends, just like it does in the Crypt, a member to attack, but it’s your choice in the end. Tapping any of the opposing guild members will show you their first defensive lineup (out of a total of three – you defeat one, you unlock the other). If you beat the first defensive lineup, you win 20 points. You get 30 for the second and 50 for the last. Since you have just three attacks, it makes sense to attack the same person three times and hope for three wins to get the maximum number of points for your team.

In the upper side of the screen in the Guild War section, there is a bar that shows you the score – your guild’s score as well as the score of the enemy guild you are facing. The war will end in either 12 hours, with the winner being decided by whoever has the most points or as soon as one Guild gets most of the points pool. In the example shown below, there are a total of 910 and points that we are fighting for and the score is pretty even. The first team who manages to get them will win the war. It’s that easy:

dragonsoul guild war guide scores

Once the war ends, everybody who made an attack will receive some sort of reward (Money and Guild War tokens and they will have to wait until the next war when the fun begins again). If you want to laugh, here is my first experience with the Guild War, where I didn’t understand anything that was happening around:

DragonSoul Guild War Tips

1. Try to organize starting wars with your guild members. It is vital to start a war and then have all your guild members active within the first 30 minutes, because wars can end that fast! The more guild members you will have online as soon as the war starts, the more attacks you will be able to make in a short time span and the more points you can get fast.

2. Ideally, you should let your lower level or lower power members to attack first and the best of your guild members should attack later. This way, you won’t risk having your low level guild members being unable to win their attacks because the remaining enemies are just too strong.

3. Don’t attack the recommended targets. Always try to attack people that are as powerful as possible, but have in mind that you should be able to win all the three attacks. My opinion is that it’s safe to attack players that are in a two tower range (towards the first) from the recommended one.

4. Make all your attacks count! Don’t attack three people once, attack one person three times and win all your battles. If you attack three people once, you only get 60 points. If you attack and win three battles against the same opponent, you get 100 points which are obviously more valuable!

5. Use the first battle (when you fight against the randomly assigned minions) to have your heroes charge their Energy and try not to use it during the first stage. Go with full energy pars in the second stage and destroy your enemies by using those charged superpowers. It goes without saying that you should play the battles yourself and not fast forward and auto them!

6. I would recommend to set up your defenses from the lowest team to the best team. In other words, start with the lowest team power first, continue with a better team and keep your best team last. This is because most people will use overpowered troops for each battle, but since you can’t use the same troops twice during a war, they might end up being too weak to destroy your final team and you’re basically saving your Guild a lot of points. Alternately, to make things even more interesting, set your weakest team first and the strongest second. This way, you will have even more chances to completely mess up with them and ruin their attacks.

7. Look in the upper side of the screen, after tapping a tower to attack, to the right side of the name of your opponent. His or her team level will be there, showing you what to expect of the troops. If you’re level 90 and they are level 70, they are definitely an easy target, but maybe you should fins somebody who’s stronger because your smaller clan mates might not be able to attack!

These would be, right now, my tips and tricks for the Dragon Soul Guild War. If you have anything else to add, or any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll answer as soon as possible!



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