Dragon Puzzle is a great card collecting game with a match three element, very similar to Puzzle & Dragons (but not to be confused with it!). I am here to share with you a bunch of Dragon Puzzle cheats: tips and tricks to help you improve your strategy and probably some help with the game since the translation is not always that good and probably you have missed on things until now (like freebies!). So let’s not waste any time, there’s a lot to talk about regarding Dragon Puzzle, so let’s talk some strategy!

1. Summon a card for free daily!
I didn’t know this for a long time, and it was my loss, so I am starting with this: every day, you can summon a special card from the summon menu (tap the chest icon with dragon head on top in the bottom bar). Scroll down under the Gold Summon card until you get to the free summon. I got some really great cards this way!


2. Get free cards using Interact Points
Once you reach 200 interact points (add as many followers as possible), you can exchange them to get a free card. Again something you don’t want to miss out, because it’s premium cards we’re talking about here!

3. Expand your card box capacity
For one Gem you can expand your card box capacity by 5 and I recommend doing so. Tap the gems button in the bottom bar and tap the Expand button to do so. Having more room for cards is always useful, especially later in the game when you’re saving cards for evolving others.

And now let’s check out some combat tips & tricks for Dragon Puzzle!

4. Create a complete deck
Ideally, you will have a deck with all elements (red, green, blue, yellow and purple) so that every match you make during the game will result in an attack (as low as that might be, it’s still better than nothing!) If you don’t have a complete deck, try to select your companion from the missing color.

5. Combos, combos, combos
Always attack with combos in mind! You have enough time to alter more positions of gems on the board, so always move when you can create a combo attack. Ideally, find a match by moving one gem, and keeping the other gem available for dragging around. You will eventually get a lot of combos this way!

6. Use unusable gems for combos
Sometime it happens and you are not able to have a complete deck and one type of color on the board will result in no attack. Make sure to never create a match of that color alone: instead, use it to create combos and at least double the effect of your other attacks! NEVER waste a turn!

7. Keep the hearts for when you need them
If you create matches out of heart gems, you gain health. But if your health is already at maximum levels, you are only wasting those hearts. So try to stick to them until you really need some extra health.

8. Use the skills of your cards when needed!
After a specific number of rounds, some of your cards might get access to special skills. Although you might be tempted to use them right away, in some cases it’s better to wait, especially if we’re talking about some skills that are offensive. Make sure you always use those on enemies with full health and/or bosses.

9. Change the leader card based on what you want from it
Again something that I didn’t knew for some time was the fact that you can change the leader card. Make sure to select as a leader a card that gives your troops some sort of bonus, preferably to the attack power, since that is what you need to be as high as possible in the game.

10. Go for five matches!
If you managed to make a match of at least 5 gems during the fights, you will attack all the enemies, so it’s worth building up such attacks too!

11. Enhance your best cards only!
At first, you won’t have too much of an option, but after a few levels you will already have some solid cards especially from the free decks and other premiums you have purchased. Focus on enhancing those first to levels as high as possible, but while also paying attention to balance: you don’t want your fire creatures to be top notch while the others have no attack power. So enhance all your troops in a balanced manner in order to get the best attacks.

12. Evolve your cards!
As soon as you meet the requirements, evolve your cards! This goes again just for the cards that you actually use in battle (and plan on using for a long time). Evolved cards basically turn your old card into a new, much better one!

And now let’s get to some more generic tips & tricks for Dragon puzzle!

13. Replay quests
Pretty soon, you will see that your troops will no longer be able to cope with the quality of quests. When that happens, in order to stop wasting energy on failed quests, replay old quests. It’s clear that you can beat them and you will get nice rewards that will help you level up and gain some extra coins for upgrades.

14. Sell your cards
Although ideally you would use the cards in your card box to enhance and/or evolve, there will be moments when you will have to sell your cards. Just make sure you don’t sell cards that are required for evolving!

15. Enhance monsters one card at a time
I found out that if I try to enhance my monsters using one card at a time, the success is greater than when I am using multiple cards. So even though that requires more time enhancing, it’s totally wort it in the long run (and it’s cheaper!)

16. Use the golden summon card ASAP
When you get 5 Gems, make sure to use them to get a Golden Summon from the card summon box. That will give you a premium card that will greatly enhance your troop!

17. You can reload list of help until satisfied
Before starting each quest, you can select one person to join you in battle from the players in the game. If you are not satisfied with your options, you can hit the back button and try to start the quest again. You can do so until you are satisfied with the choices offered. Also, try to focus on getting your followers in battle since you will have more bonuses this way!

18. Log in every 13 hours / daily
There are nice bonuses to be had if you log in every 13 hours, but especially if you log in on a daily basis. Make sure you log in at least once per day for some free goodies!

And this would be it for now in terms of tips and tricks for Dragon Puzzle. What other strategies do you adopt when playing the game? Let us know by commenting below!



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