Ever wanted to go minigolfing with a dragon? Well now’s your chance! Dragon Putt is a simple and enjoyable game where you hit the greens with colorful dragons! Each dragon has a unique ability that helps you putt with confidence, and our Dragon Putt cheats and tips will help you out even more!

There’s tons of fun courses to play on in Dragon Putt, and with a variety of dragons to unlock, the fun never stops! Let’s get started with our Dragon Putt cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t trust the dotted lines!

When you’re adding power to your shot, keep in mind that the dotted line is not 100% accurate. It’s supposed to help you gauge where your shot is going to land, but it will never be exact! It also doesn’t take into consideration elevation changes in the terrain and if there are any obstacles in the way.

It does, however, help to aim your shots when bouncing around curves and banks and the like. Use it as a guide, but don’t completely rely on it!

Try out Multiplayer!

Upon reaching level 5, you will unlock the Multiplayer mode… sort of! You don’t actually play with other players at the same time, but you compete to see who can perform the best. In this mode you’ll play a unique course of holes, and you’ll be scored on each one.

Your score is based on two factors: how fast you complete the hole and of course how many shots you’ve taken. Score as high as you can because when the season is over, the top players on the leaderboards will receive some nifty rewards, including dragon eggs!

Go for the shortest path!

As you’re going through the courses, often times you’ll be presented with a split in the path. One path will offer a bunch of coins, but the other path is a shorter way to the hole. In most cases we recommend just ignoring the coins and going for the shorter path.

Coins are only worth, well, ONE coin per pick up, and considering that’s nothing at all compared to the amount you get in chests when you level up, it’s usually not worth the effort. This is especially important when you’re playing a multiplayer course, as time is of the essence!

More Shots is a great ability!

Each dragon has their own unique ability that can help you out during your games. Bert, one of the first dragons you unlock, has the ability to increase the amount of shots you get, effectively making it easier to score under the par for the course. If you can’t decide on an ability to use, Bert’s ability is always a great choice. You never know how tough the courses are going to get, so having more shots is always a good fallback plan.

Watch out for inclines!

Elevation changes are always dangerous to go through, but be especially careful of inclines. You’ll be using full power for most of the courses, but if you launch off an incline with a lot of power you’re going to get a TON of air which will most likely cause you to launch right off the course. Use gentle swings when travelling uphill, unless you’re sure that you’ll clear it safely!

Upgrade your favorite dragon!

Upgrading a dragon’s ability requires a lot of gold and eggs, so it’s recommended that you pick a favorite and stick to them early on. It’ll be too costly to try to upgrade every single dragon you own, so until you can do that use your favorite dragon and upgrade them all the way.

That’s all for Dragon Putt! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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