Damsel in distress no more! In Dragon Hills, you play as a furious princess who has taken control over her own destiny! Play as the princess as she rides her companion dragon into freedom. Watch out though, the castle guards aren’t having any of it and will try to do anything to stop you… until they realize that your dragon is heading straight for them! We’ll help your escape with our Dragon Hills cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for the perfect jumps!

You see how those coins are laid out in a very defined arcing pattern? You need to time your jump just right so that your arc is perfect and you get all of the coins. If you get all of the coins in a path in one jump, you’ll receive a “perfect jump” bonus and you’ll get an additional 5 coins for your efforts! It doesn’t sound like much but if you can get the jumps down and nail it with each coin path, you’ll be bringing in the dough really quickly!

2. Destroy everything!

See all those trees? Those houses? All of those chairs?! Destroy them all! If you destroy a certain amount of objects within a couple seconds, you’ll get a destruction bonus. There will also be sweet, sweet coins hiding inside some of the objects you destroy. Even better, sometimes a chest will fly out of the object and tumble in front of you. These chests will explode open causing a circle of coins to spawn. Try to grab them all!

3. Upgrade your armor!

Attacking the enemies with the beefier health bars is good, but you really want to invest some points into your armor before anything else. In our experience, we were getting hit by things that we could barely see, much less react to in time. You’re going to be nicked by arrows, spikes, and other weaponry, and since you only start with a single heart, you’re going to go down fast! It’s best to buy at least two armor upgrades as soon as possible, as each one will grant you an additional heart.

4. Watch out for the lava!

Red pools of ooey gooey lava will be littered about the hills, and it’s your duty to avoid them at all costs! Lava pools will instantly kill you, no matter how many hearts you have left so it’s of the utmost importance to avoid them! Thankfully, they usually only come in small little pools, so you can safely pass by them underground or by soaring through the air.

5. Grab those power ups!

After you’ve upgraded your armor a bit, consider buying the power ups! Buying the first level of upgrade for the power ups unlocks the power up and gives it a chance to spawn when you’re playing. In our experience, the spawn rates for these power ups are pretty high so you want to unlock all of them as soon as possible. The first you can unlock, the Freeze Blast, temporarily freezes all enemies on nearby. It also freezes over lava pools, rendering them safe to cross!

That’s all for Dragon Hills. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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