At first glance, the new Kung-Fu-esque iOS fighting game Dragon Finga may not seem all that innovative. But closer inspection reveals a charming yet action-packed premise that expertly combines the thrills of old school martial arts movies with zany ragdoll physics into a fun little game that packs a lot of content and replayability into a small package. Below, I’ve shared some Dragon Finga tips and tricks to help you get acclimated with the game’s unique gameplay.

Don’t Worry Too Much About In-Game Currency

Like most free games, Dragon Finga uses two kinds of currency: coins and gems, both of which can be purchased with real money or earned in-game as drops from enemies or by completing the large list of missions for each level. At first, it may seem like you have to pay real money in order to purchase some of the more expensive characters and levels because of how slowly you acquire currency, gems in particular.

However, Dragon Finga also has a leveling system which awards large amounts of coins for each level gained, making it easier to upgrade your starting characters and clear more and more of the later stages which in turn makes acquiring gems easier as well. You can pay real cash in order to quickly unlock later content if you so prefer, but, despite initial impressions, you certainly don’t have to.   

Invest In Character Powers Early

Whenever you unlock a new playable character, be sure to purchase their character-specific power, such as Howlin’ Henry’s Shuriken or Flamin’ Raymond’s Fireball, as early as possible. Doing so not only allows them to perform their signature special attacks in the heat of combat, but also allows other characters to use them as well whenever you manage to fill your special meter with power butterflies.

You really only need the basic power upgrade in order to unlock it for all characters so once you purchase the first rank, you can focus on other traits like Attack and Defense if you prefer. Different powers function in different ways so be sure to familiarize yourself with each power’s unique properties so you can utilize them accordingly.

Remember To Use Verticality

In the midst of all the furious Kung-Fu fighting and finger tapping and swiping, it can be easy to forget that each of Dragon Finga’s levels actually extends quite far vertically. Various platforms such as balconies and tree branches can be used to get the jump on enemies and precious coin vases and fruit crates sometimes land on them instead of falling all the way to the ground.

If you’re low on health or want to scrounge up a few more coins, what you seek may just be right above your head! Tapping an area to attack in that direction isn’t limited to when enemies are nearby which means that, with a little screen-tapping practice, you can “attack” your way to a level’s highest reaches and even zip around from side to side. Once you learn how to manipulate Dragon Finga’s gravity in your favor, you can pull off some truly amazing juggles and combos against your foes.

These tips and tricks should help to get you started but Dragon Finga isn’t a game that can be mastered after only a few minutes of play. The game’s unique ragdoll combat definitely takes some getting used to but once you manage to get the hang of it, you’ll become a whirlwind of flailing limbs and high-pitched howls in no time!