Fusing in Dragon Coins, the iPhone and iPad app created by SEGA, is extremely important. It helps you level up all your cards, while freeing up some space for new cards. It might seem pretty cheap at first, but soon you will learn that it’s actually pretty expensive and you also have to be very careful when it comes to fusing your cards in Dragon Coins. And even though we have covered this a little bit in our tips and tricks article, I think it’s best to dedicate an entire article to this, so let’s check out below TTP’s complete guide to fusing in Dragon Coins!

1. First of all, it’s very important to have a solid strategy when it comes to fusing. Randomly fusing cards (which you might not use later) means nothing but a waste of cards and, most important, Gold Coins. So have a strategy when you start fusing your first card and stick to it for as long as you play the game. Check out the descriptions of the cards and only fuse those that are the most useful for you. A good general rule of thumb is to start with your R cards (Rare) or above (R+, SR or SR+).

2. Use the same type of card when fusing. Using cards from the same category (fire with fire, wood with wood and so on) gives you an extra XP bonus, which really counts. Also, if you have more cards of the same type, when you use it, there’s a high chance of increasing the skill of the card you’re fusing. You can’t get more than one level per fusing, but using more cards increases the chances of having a skill upgrade.

3. Always use five cards for fusing in order to get the maximum evolution points for the lowest price. Even if you don’t have 5 cards of the same type to fuse and you can’t wait to get more (all your monster slots are full), it’s usually a good idea to use any cards and fill up those slots.

4. Try to fuse more cards in your deck instead on focusing on one at a time. Having 5 starting monsters of level 10 is much better than having one of level 20 and the rest at level 1. So always try to balance and keep your entire team solid – even though it’s completely OK to have a favorite and have that card fused more often.

5. Should you ever fuse C(ommon) cards? I would say not, at least not while they are under level 10. You will easily get a lot of level 10 Common cards while playing and from the Summon boxes, so there’s no need to waste money on getting those Common cards to higher levels. Only fuse them over level 10 if you use them into battle.

As missions get more and more difficult in the game, the key to keep winning is to have a solid and varied deck of high level cards. So constantly fuse your cards and make sure you have Dragon Coins friends who do the same and can help you with top quality monsters. Hopefully this guide to fusing helped you better understand and plan your card evolution in the game!


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