One extremely important element in Dragon Coins is evolving your monsters / cards. This is a process that requires a lot of time (and especially resources), but this is the only way to get a super team that can take on the more difficult missions in the game. I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Dragon Coins Evolve mechanism and how to evolve all your cards easily.

First of all, in order to Evolve a card in Dragon Coins, you need to take that card to level 20. Check out our Dragon Coins fusing guide in order to get there as fast as possible.


After you get that card to level 20, the difficult part begins: you need a huge sum of gold coins to Evolve the base monster (rarer cards cost more to evolve), and the required material for evolution. Every monster has a different requirement in terms of cards, but they all have to be level 20 before being allowed to evolve them. Usually, in order to evolve the monster, you will need an identical card to use (of any level). However, there are cards that require two or more other cards in order to be evolved – usually, the rarer the card, the more cards required.

An easy way to see the requirements for evolving any monster that you own is to go to the Evolve screen, place the monster card in the Base Monster spot and you will see the requirements. It’s a lot easier to plan your moves this way and be on the lookout for the cards you need. If you already have them and you want to make sure you don’t use them for fusing or sell them, tap on them and then tap the “Favorite” icon in the top left corner.

Evolving your cards in Dragon Coins is something that requires a lot of time spent in the game, to gather the cards and leveling them up. Evolved cards carry the same skills as the original cards, but they get better stats for HP and Attack, and can be fused even more. So evolving your cards is crucial to remain competitive in the game, and you will eventually need evolved Common cards too for their increased stats. However, I would suggest evolving your leader first – you will receive an identical card for evolution from the game when you reach level 20, making it a lot easier for you to gain an R+ monster in your squad!

Afterwards, focus on leveling up and evolving the monsters that you use the most and consider the most useful, even if they are common monsters. A Level 40 Evolved Common monster is certainly a lot better than a LVL 1 SR card!



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