Sega has just launched an amazing game, Dragon Coins, and we are here to share with you a complete guide for the game and teach you how to play it in order to get the most out of it. It’s an extremely complex game, so there will be quite some talking to do, but I am sure that after reading our Dragon Coins cheats, tips and tricks in this ultimate strategy guide for the game, you will be better prepared to build the most amazing team out there and get the most out of this game!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Dragon Coins tips and tricks in Touch Tap Play’s strategy guide!

The time lapse cheat
Out of stamina points already and you don’t want to wait for it to fill up? Simply go to your device’s settings, set the time forward and you will have a fresh new batch of stamina points. Have in mind that there might be some sort of punishment coming from Sega if you do this (we’ll let you know if there’s any as soon as we find out!)

Complete Lily’s Quests
On the home screen, tap to complete Lily’s Quests – you will do so by naturally progressing through the game, but you will also get a ton of coins for doing it. It’s also extremely useful to do this in order to learn the basics of the game.

Wait when dropping coins
There is no time limit for you to play the game and complete the missions, so take your time when dropping coins. There is no point, actually, to keep dropping those coins and trigger the monster attacks. Instead, drop a few (I’d go until there are 2-3 coins left for a monster to attack) and wait to see what happens – usually, a lot of attacks will be triggered, more coins will fall and so on, so you can take out the monsters easily, without taking damage from them.

Take out enemies one at a time
It’s best to target the enemies and take them out one at a time. A good strategy is to attack those who would attack you second (because usually, on later levels, it’s difficult to take out the enemies who attack first). This way, you have more potential attacks for the faster ones after you take out the slower one that also causes more damage, usually. However, keep an eye on the coins and who attacks next – if you see that a monster weak against the targeted one is about to attack, change the target while your monster attacks. It’s always important to get the most damage out of your attacks!

Create your team based on the opponents
Bringing in monsters that are stronger against the ones you’re facing gives you the upper hand in battle. Just look at the color of the mission you’re about to start – that is the element that you will meet the most while playing. Make sure to bring in the best monsters that are strong against that element.

Learn your monsters’ skills
And put them to good use at the right time! Don’t randomly tap them whenever they’re activated – only tap them when they’re most useful or if you’re about to get another box that reactivates the skill.

Fuse your best monsters
It’s a good idea to have several solid cards to mix in your team based on the opponents that you will face. Therefore, fusing is your best option when it comes to creating that ultimate team in Dragon Coins. Same element fusion gives an XP boost, so it’s best to use the same element rule when fusing your cards/monsters. It’s also a good idea to fuse the rarest monsters first – but make sure that you can cover their cost and bring them all to battle.

Complete the Quiz
After playing for a short while, make sure to complete the quiz. This greatly increases your knowledge of the game and also gives you some extra coins to spend on evolving your monsters!

Add friends
Make sure you add as many friends as possible. Not only that you will earn friend coins from greeting them, but you will also get a better advantage from going to battle with your friends. Keep them varied and active, and you’re ready for a great career in the game.

Watch videos for freebies
In the Shop, select the option to watch a video and you will earn some free coins and maybe other goodies! It takes just a few seconds, and you can do it multiple times per day! Make sure to take advantage of this.

Always use the highest level card
The cost of a card does not increase when you level it up from fusing, so always make sure that you are using the highest level card when attacking. Also, make sure that you select the best monster for battle and your cost is as close to your maximum as possible!

Crete Sub Teams
In order to keep things as easy as possible when playing the game, create substitute teams to use against specific monster teams: a fire team, a water team, a wood team and so on. This helps you quickly switch from one formation to the other without having to go through all your monsters!

Right now, this is everything that we have for you in terms of Dragon Coins cheats, tips and strategies for this amazing iPhone and iPad game. We’re working on even more for you, so make sure to check back with us soon!



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