Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: How to Get a Car

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In the world of Dragon Ball Z, Goku and his friends have no trouble traveling from one place to another, as they are able to just fly around wherever they desire. Despite this very useful ability, they will still need a car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to complete certain parts of the game.

Traveling in a car may not be as convenient as flying around, true, but it is still an incredibly fun way to experience the world of the game. Here’s how to get one.

How to Get a Car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Before you can get your own car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you will need to complete a good chunk of the main campaign, as the ability to get one is locked behind progression, and you will have to reach the start of the Android Saga. At the beginning of this saga, Chi Chi will tell Goku and Piccolo to get a driver’s license, and the exam will teach you everything you need to know about driving one.

Once the exam has been completed and the driver’s license is obtained, you will be able to get your own car by building it with Bulma’s help. To do so, you will need to speak with Bulma at Capsule Corp in West City and bring her a certain amount of Zeni and a few select items.

To build the car you will need:

  • 9000 Zeni
  • 1 Front Parts
  • 1 Control Parts
  • 1 Rear Parts
  • 1 Jet Parts

These items are obtained in a variety of ways. Some of them can be purchased from the Materials Shop in West City, while a few others can be found in other shops, or will be handed out by NPCs. Once you have all the parts, talk with Bulma again to get your own car and experience the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot like you never thought you would!

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: How to Get a Car


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