Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features a few different gameplay mechanics that allow players to customize their characters and improve their combat performance. One of these mechanics, the Community Board mechanics, are powered by the Soul Emblems, unique items representing characters that must be placed on a board to unlock all sorts of bonuses.

Here’s where to find all of the Soul Emblems available in the game’s very first Saga, the Saiyan Saga.

All Saiyan Saga Soul Emblems in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Most of the Soul Emblems available in the Saiyan Saga can be obtained by simply going through the story quests, but a few ones will require you to complete side quests. All of the side quests are highlighted on the map, but if one does not appear, you simply have to progress the story further to unlock it.

Soul EmblemsHow to Obtain
GokuStory Progression
GohanStory Progression
Chi ChiStory Progression
Master RoshiStory Progression
NamComplete Nam’s side quest while looking for Gohan
Android 8Complete Android 8’s side quest while looking for Gohan
King YemmaStory Progression
KamiStory Progression
YajirobeStory Progression
TienStory Progression
ChiaotzuComplete Chiaotzu’s side quest. It becomes available after fighting Tien
KrillinStory Progression
YamchaStory Progression
PiccoloStory Progression
King KaiStory Progression
PuarStory Progression
Mr. PopoStory Progression

All Saiyan Saga Intermission Soul Emblems in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Soul EmblemsHow to Obtain
PilafComplete Pilaf’s side quest in the West Area
Shu Obtained alongside the Pilaf Soul Emblem
MaiObtained alongside the Pilaf Soul Emblem
LaunchStory Progression
SaibamanComplete Bulma’s side quests in West City. The second quest is started by entering Capsule Corp
Mercenary TaoComplete Tao Pai Pai’s side quest right outside Goku’s house
Master ShenObtained alongside the Tao Pai Pai Soul Emblem

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