When it comes to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Tier Lists are very much opinion based. Ask ten different people who are playing the game about their Tier List and you’ll most likely end up with ten different answers.

The meta is ever changing as the game is about to celebrate it’s 6th anniversary. Units that used to be Top tier have fallen off, team comps that were considered to be OP simply ain’t all that anymore. In the end it is a Gacha game and ‘Power Creep’ is a real thing.

With all that being said, there’s no Tier List that everyone will agree upon, but we did our best to come up with a Dragon Ball Z F2P Dokkan Battle Tier List based on the data we’ve collected, not personal bias.

10 – Life Form of Hate and Ruin Cell

This is one of the cards that got powered up with the Link level update. Pretty decent damage to enemies that have DMG down Status, 15% HP recovery. A good fit overall for quite a few teams.

9 – Wicked Wizard and Lord of the Demon Realm Babidi & Dabura

Lot’s of good abilities. Sealing , high stun chances etc. But what makes this card very good is the buff to Majin Power category allies. The downside is that the card isn’t Majin Power category itself.

8 – Raging Killer Move Krillin

Very strong unit. Best Leader for the ‘Earthlings’ team. Granted the ‘Earthlings’ team isn’t that strong at the moment but Raging Killer Move Krillin is in a very good spot at the moment.

7 – Fear Covering the Earth Babidi & Majin Buu

Two separate medium chances to proc Sealing Super attack and Stun making this a very good card, especially for Super Battle Road and Dokkan Field (which is pretty hard for many F2P players). The card shines even more in a Majin Buu Saga category team.

6 – All or Nothing Super Saiyan God SS Vegito

Once this one gets his Extreme Z-Awaken he will definitely move up the to top end of this list. Even thought this card was released back in 2018, it has aged very well and it’s still one of the best F2P cards in the game.

5 – Overwhelming Power Restored Demon King Piccolo

An Extreme TEQ finally some might say. Even though you need to have 5 spheres out to actually get the damage reduction effect and his link set isn’t the best probably, his transformation form is pretty crazy. Very solid unit overall.

4 – Everlasting Legend Super Saiyan Goku

Extra Crit chance, good Attack and Defense stats. His damage output can be very high. Gives allies Ki when Attacking Extreme Class. He fits well in many actually good teams at the moment. You need him farmed up thought to unlock his full potential.

3 – Rageful Erasure Frieza

Unlike other F2P units, this one shares Fierce Battle instead of Shattering the Limit to link with his fellow Frieza members. Very good Attack and Defense stats, Attack Stacking and excellent Link set, plus a very strong passive against Goku’s Family category enemies.

2 – Rumored Warrior of Justice Super Saiyan Gohan

So…Stun chances? Check. Decent Attack and Defense %? Check. Damage reduction ? Check. Support ?Check that one as well. Might not have a big damage output like some other cards, but this version of Gohan is very strong defensively with decent enough attack. He can definitely help you out in many hard events. Great fit in many different teams.

1 – Reign of Terror Frieza

Ok, this is one of the best units in the game, F2P or not. But it takes A LOT of time to grind it. Like really, A LOT of grind. Can’t stress that enough. But, with that been said, if you have time to invest then you should go for it, definitely. It is on a tier of it’s own along with Thousandfold Plea Goku (which didn’t make the list simply because of the fact that you need to log in for 2000 days in order to obtain it), just broken.

This will be all the units that make up our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle F2P Tier List. If you think that we’ve missed something or there’s something that you would like to share, let us know in the comment section down below!

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