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Dragon Ball Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

The ultimate Dragon Ball mobile experience is finally here! Dragon Ball Legends a full 3D fighting game featuring iconic fighters from the legendary manga series. Battle it out with an all-new character created by Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the Dragon Ball series. Battle through his story using intuitive touch controls with a simple card-based battle system.

Dragon Ball Legends is all about keeping the pressure on and using tactics to your advantage, and we’ll go over all the important battle tips to keep in mind. Let’s get started with our Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the challenges!

Each chapter in the Main Story campaign has optional challenges for you to complete. To be exact, a chapter can have seven challenges. These challenges vary from clearing the battle without letting any of your fighters go down, or landing special attacks multiple times. Before you head into a battle, be sure to check what the challenges are so you can knock off as many as you can on your first go.

Complete a challenge will net you three chrono crystals, the precious premium currency of the game. So that means if you manage to complete at seven challenges, you’ll get 21 chrono crystals! Not only that, but completing all challenges will also net you 10 rare medals which can be traded in for rare materials.

Again – just make sure you to look at the challenge list beforehand. Some of them you’ll complete naturally by just fighting, but a few challenges require you to do very specific things.

Watch for elemental advantages!

You can see the elements of all the enemies you’ll be going up against in a story chapter. Be sure to select your fighters accordingly, as the elemental advantage can really make the difference!

That’s not the end of it, though. During battle, watch your party list at the bottom left corner of the screen as it’ll tell you who has the current advantage or disadvantage, if any. Switch out your fighters if you need to and bring in the fighter who has the advantage!

Get some distance to charge Ki!

If you’re in a bind and you need to manually charge up your Ki, be sure you create some distance before you do so. Once you start Ki charging, you’re locked into the animation for a couple of seconds meaning that you’re wide open to attack! Dodge away or simply pull back before you Ki charge to give yourself some time to react.

A good time to manually Ki charge is after using a red art card. The final hit of a red art combo usually knocks the opponent back quite a distance, giving yourself some time to charge.

Switch out if it gets rough!

Remember: you can swipe to dodge, but doing so consumes the Vanishing Gauge. When the Vanishing Gauge is depleted, you won’t be able to perform any swipe dodges, so be careful! A good tactic to use is to simply switch fighters – this will cause your Vanishing Gauge to immediately refill. This throws off your opponent as well!

Collect lots of Rare Medals!

Remember those Rare Medals we mentioned earlier – the ones you get for completing all the challenges in a level? You’re going to need a lot of those, because the main things you can buy are the materials to limit break your favorite fighters. Another way to get them is to play in the Ranked PvP mode. You’ll go up against other players in real-time PvP, so make sure you’re prepared!

The same fighting tips apply, but keep in mind this is a live opponent you’re fighting so expect the unexpected! If you win enough ranked battles, your league ranking will increase. The higher it is when the league is over, the more rewards you’ll get, rare medals included.

That’s all for Dragon Ball Legends! If you’ve got any other fighting tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dragon Ball Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide



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