A new Dragalia Lost update is going to be released soon, which will introduce some new features as well as some gameplay and balance tweaks and more.

The 1.11.0 update, which will be released on July 29th, will introduce new Alliance and Astral Raids features.

New Alliances Feature

You will be able to form an alliance of up to 30 players and communicate with each other.
You can either form a new alliance and become its leader or become a member of existing alliance by joining it.

When you are part of an alliance, you can chat and play co-op with members of the same alliance.
There are lots of uses for alliances. For example, you could come up with a strategy before tackling bosses, or get help for a quest you just can’t seem to beat on your own.
You can even send notifications to the devices of other members in your alliance when looking for other players for co-op.

New Astral Raids Features

You can now spend astral pieces for multiple battles in a single go, allowing you to claim rewards for multiple raids in a single raid battle.
The types and amounts of items you can obtain in Astral Raids are set for each boss and difficulty.
Because Astral Raids can generally be played every week, except when a raid event is active, we have added this feature to reduce burden on players.

Several balance changes are also getting introduced. You can find the full details on them by going here.

Dragalia Lost is now available on iOS and Android in all regions.


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