Earlier this week, the Dragalia Lost Halloween event, called Trick or Treasure, has been officially announced, and now it’s gone live, right as scheduled.

The Trick or Treasure Facility event rewards players with the Stee Retreat facility, a facility that boosts the stats of light element characters, increasing damage to enemies during event quests. The facility can be upgraded with the snack-o’-lanterns that can be obtained during the event.

The Dragalia Lost news don’t end here today. A new summon showcase is now live, introducing event exclusive characters like Halloween Elisanne, Halloween Althemia, and Halloween Edward.

Also featured in the summon showcase are the Halloween Silke Dragon, and the Witch’s Kitchen, Of Tricks and Treats, Silke Lends a Hand and Pumpkin Pail Wyrmprints. The new summon showcase is live until the end of the month.

Logging into also nets players a Tenfold Summon ticket so that they can try their luck in the Halloween Fantasia summon showcase.

Dragalia Lost is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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