Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost has made a strong start on the market, despite not being as popular as other mobile games released by Nintendo at launch, and Cygames is making sure to keep the support up with new content and events.

From October 17th, Dragalia Lost is celebrating Halloween early with the Trick or Treasure event, which brings new content and rewards to the game.

The Trick or Treasure event is labeled as a facility event, likely due to the fact that players will be able to obtain the ability to build additional facilities as reward. The event is focusing, aptly, on shadow bosses so you’d better gear up to take them down.

The Trick or Treasure event won’t be available to all players, though, as progression has to be made through the game. The event can be accessed only after completing chapter 2, 2-1 on normal difficulty.

On a related note, an Epilogue for the Loyalty’s Requiem event is also available, but only to those who got to the fifth chapter of the event.

Dragalia Lost is now out on the App Store and Google Play Store in all regions.


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