Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost received a brand new update today, introducing some gameplay tweaks as well as fixes and multiplayer improvements.

Among the biggest changes introduced by the 1.4.0 update are the ability to play background audio while the game is open, something that can make grinding less of a chore, and fixes for sleep mode, which will not be forced if you are playing on Auto.

Several gameplay tweaks have also been introduced. The number of Glorious Tempest and Volcanic Queen wyrmprints that can be obtained from Treasure Trade has been increased, and wyrmprints that haven’t been opened yet can also be traded.

Multiplayer also received some welcome improvements. Players who are idle in co-op for a set amount of time will be penalized, and even banned if they receive multiple penalties. Additional multiplayer improvements will be coming next week as well, such as the ability to create a room if it’s not possible to find one and more.

Dragalia Lost is now available for free on iOS and Android in all regions. The new update is also available for download right now.


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