A new update has been released today for Dragalia Lost, introducing more content to the game as well as bonuses and more.

The new update, update 1.3.0, awards all players with a free Tenfold Summon Voucher, so make sure to login into the game as soon as possible if you have been thinking about expanding your team.

The update also introduces the Advanced Dragon Trial for all those who wish to test their skills further. Also introduced by the new update is support for the next story chapter, Chapter 7, which will become available later this month, on December 27th.


A new year-end bonus will also be available in the next few days. The first part will take place from December 17th until December 24th. The second from December 24th until January 1st. Logging into the game during these will reward players with up to 1500 wyrmite.

Several unspecified bugs have also been fixed by the update. Sadly, the official update notes don’t provide more details on them.

Dragalia Lost is now available in all regions on iOS and Android.


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