Dragalia Lost

A new update is now available for Dragalia Lost, the recent mobile game by Nintendo released back in September on iOS and Android.

The new update, update 1.2.0, introduces new co-op and multiplayer fixes which will go in full effect in a few days. Weapons upgrading and Unbinding is now easier than ever. Additionally, a Tenfold Summon voucher will be made available soon to all players to celebrate the update’s release.

New events will also begin later this week. The Resplendent Refrain event will go live on November 30th. During this event, players will have to cooperate to take on the shadow raid boss.

The second event, which is live right now, is the Stamina Recovery Rate Event. Until November 30th, Stamina will recover quicker than usual, allowing players to enjoy the game more than usual.

Dragalia Lost is now available on iOS and Android in all regions. If you have yet to start the game and want to make the best out of it, make sure to check out our guide detailing the best characters in the game.


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