Drag Racing 4×4 is, as the name suggests, a brand new Drag Racing game for the iPhone and iPad. Giving you the chance to drive amazing 4×4 vehicles, it sure will get extremely popular, but not automatically easy. We’re here to help you with that and share some Drag Racing 4×4 cheats and tips that will hopefully give you an upper hand in all races and help you win them all with three star ratings. Because that’s the whole point in the end: to win!

So if you’re having trouble achieving that, check out Touch Tap Play’s Drag Racing 4×4 cheats and tips for a perfect, winning, strategy guide.

1. Learn to get a perfect start
Getting a perfect start is in many occasions the key to winning the race. Therefore learn to tap the pedal in such a way that the indicator is in the green when the green light appears. It will take you a bit of time to get used to this, but you’ll learn quickly and gain a huge advantage with perfect starts.

2. Learn to shift gears at the right time
Shifting gears is also extremely important. You have to do it at the exact moment when the triangle turns green for a perfect shift and a small boost. My suggestion would be to ignore the triangle on the screen completely and instead look at the bottom of the screen where the engine’s RPM are shown (the indicator on the right. When the pin gets to the green zone, tap to shift gears – but don’t do it as soon as it gets on green, give it just a bit of time. Learn how to do this right and you’re on your way to winning all races!

3. Use the NOS at all times
If things seem to get a bit tight in your race, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use your N2O charge(s). If you don’t have any left, you can sometimes watch a video for two free NOS charges. Make sure you do that over and over again until you have a nice batch of charges to use in difficult races.

4. Upgrade your car
You should always spend the money you earn winning races on upgrading your car and making it better. I would recommend focusing on the upgrades that increase the Power of your car (such as Engine or Induction) because those offer you a better speed. Getting good tires and reducing the Weight of your car should come next, followed by the Nitrous upgrade if you manage to have a lot of N2O tanks.

5. Replay races you win
There will be a point in Drag Racing 4×4 where you will get stuck in the single player campaign. If you want to earn more coins for upgrading your car, you should replay races you have aced already in order to get a bunch of extra coins and goodies.

6. Disable the Smoke effects
If you are having problems with the game and it is laggy or stutters, then you should disable the Smoke effects of the game to increase its performance. Go to the game’s menu to do it (from the home page when you launch the game).

7. Play all the game modes
Every day, you will get access to a few nice game modes, like Blind Race and so on. Some of these races also reward you with NOS charges, so winning them really makes it all worthwhile!

8. Play with the sound on
Learn the sound of your car – you will eventually be able to get all perfect shifts and stars simply by listening to your car. So always play with sound on and learn when you have to shift the gear. This will also be extremely helpful for the Blind Races!

These would be, for now, our Drag Racing 4×4 cheats and tips. We really hope that they will help you win all your races, so have fun. And if you have extra ones, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!


  1. It would’ve been great if you know that I used to look at the speed and remembered the shifts…and I always got a perfect shift.Good tips &tricks


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