Legendo Entertainment’s new spooky-themed side-scrolling platformer Dracula Twins is the perfect nostalgia trip for old-school platformer fans and it is also a great way to introduce young kids to the booming phenomenon of mobile iOS gaming. In order to get the most out of your early hours with Dracula Twins, I’ve provided a few handy tips to maximize your score and help keep the twins Drac and Dragana trucking along.

Beware Axe-Embedded Enemies


Like Mario and Sonic before them, Drac and Dragana can jump down onto a foe’s head to take them out if you happen to be out of skulls to throw. But be careful since certain variations of the common zombie enemy type have an axe blade embedded in their heads which makes jumping on them a less-than-viable option. If you spot an axe-embedded foe and you happen to be out of skulls, just avoid that zombie altogether.

Speaking Of Skulls…Don’t Forget About Them!

When you’re cruising through a level, deftly avoiding the clutches of a giant mummy before making a perilous jump over a pit and then traversing along a series of platforms while dodging flying bats, it can get hard to remember that those little skull icons you’re collecting are more than just score-boosting collectibles. If there’s a particularly annoying ranged enemy giving you trouble from afar or an axe-embedded zombie standing between you and a power-up, chuck a skull at them!

Keep An Eye Out For The “Twins”

No, no, not on the character select screen, in the game proper! Each level has the letters T, W, I, N, and S scattered around it and hunting them all down grants a massive boost to your score at the end of the level. Remember that virtually every level in Dracula Twins has a fair amount of verticality so if you’re missing a letter or two by the time you reach a level’s exit, the answer may be right above you!

Don’t Worry Too Much About Picking A Protagonist

Speaking of the twins (the characters this time), there’s really no gameplay difference between Drac, Dragana, or their unlockable buddy Franislav. The character you pick is a purely cosmetic choice and, since the game has three different save files, you can give each of them a try and find out which one you like best! Franislav can be unlocked by either rescuing him in the game proper or through a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99.

Want to give Dracula Twins a try for yourself? Check it out over at the iTunes app store!



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