Because it’s summer and they’re feeling extremely cool nowadays, the nice folks over at G5 Games have decided to offer us a present: from today until June 30, we can all download Epic Adventures: La Jangada for free on our iOS devices.

Based on a novel by Jules Verne, Epic Adventures: La Jangada takes you back to the 19th century on a trip with Minha and her family through the Amazon River. The game is wrapped into the beautiful romantic story that immerses players into an epic adventure right from the first screen.

So yes, it’s a hidden object casual adventure game, one that comes with full voice over, a nice soundtrack and, obviously, the puzzles and story that we all expect from a game inspired by a Jules Verne novel.

So if you want to get your hands on this free gift from G5 Games, visit iTunes and make sure you download the game by June 30!


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