Finally, there’s a great racing game for Dirt Track fans out there, a title that can be easily enjoyed from the comfort of your own home on an iPad or iPhone. We’re talking about Dirt Trackin’ – an amazing game that just made its way to iTunes and one we anticipate will rock the world pretty soon.

Unlike other more arcade racing games out there, Dirt Trackin’ is pretty technical and highly realistic, packed up with some great game mechanics and pretty graphics. And even though we’ve definitely seen much better in terms of visuals, the game does feel extremely well and manages to pump you up on adrenaline: just try it out and you will see.

Dirt Trackin’ features 12 vehicles to choose from and 4 tracks inspired from real life venues, plus some pretty solid AI competition which can be easily tweaked based on your play style and needs. You can control the game by tilting or using the touch screen, so you have all the control. Plus, the start screen also shows us two upcoming features, both of which we’ll surely love a lot and which make the game even better: multiplayer and a career mode. So things will only get better from now on.

So if you want to try your hand at some Dirt Trackin, head over to the App Store and download this great game!



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