We’re back with another guide on Dot Empires! Today we’ll be showing you the best ways to gather more runes in the game. Runes are primarily used to summon new heroes, so you can see why they’re important! Let’s get started with our Dot Empries guide to unlock more heroes and runes!

1. Redeem your freebies!


Since Dot Empires has just launched, there are a lot of freebies for new players to redeem!

  • The 7-days carnival is an event celebrating the launch of the game. Every day you can claim your free reward of a whopping 100 runes! Runes are premium currency of this game, so this is very valuable. There is also a “stage count” category. Every time you clear a dungeon, your stage count will go up by one. Once you reach certain thresholds you can claim a reward of runes. The first reward starts at 10, but goes up by 10 with each threshold you meet, so try to do as many dungeons as you can. The 7-days carnival is only available for a couple more days, so get to it!
  • Gifts for everyday is another “log-in everyday” kind of deal. You get potions for the first day, but on successive days you’ll earn a lot of runes. Be sure to check in at least once a day to make sure you don’t miss out on your daily rewards!
  • Lucky Card is a roulette-type of card game. You get to play free once a day. Choose a random card and you’ll get a random goody! If you so wish, you can spend runes to play additional times in a day, but we recommend saving your runes.
  • Log-in Gift Pack works just like the gifts for everyday. In fact, we’re not quite sure what the difference is… no matter! This just means more freebies for us! You can find Log-in Gift Pack under the “Activities”.
  • Sign-in Rewards are just like the log-in gift packs… starting to see a trend here?
  • Level Packs are awarded upon reaching a certain level. You have to open these manually so don’t forget! They contain various experience books and what not.

2. Complete the main quests!

You’ll probably be doing these anyways, but it’s important to note that you are rewarded with runes and purple obsidian as you complete the main quest line. Fulfilling these quests will come naturally, so don’t forget to claim your rewards.

3. Complete the daily tasks & achievements!

Daily tasks are listed above the battle icon. Daily tasks are exactly what they sound like: tasks that change once the day is over. Some of them are worth runes, so those should be your first priority. If you can though, you’ll get lots of goodies if you manage to do them all. Achievements are like the daily tasks but they are static and will not disappear until completed. This is where the big money lies as the majority of achievement rewards are runes.

4. Look for levels with hero drops!

The best way to unlock new heroes without spending runes to summon is to play levels that have the potential to drop hero fragments. Hero fragments can be used to summon a new hero for your team. For example, the first level that drops a hero fragment is Twilight Destroy. You can find the fragment for the Barbarian hero here.

That’s all for our guide on runes and heroes for Dot Empires. If you have any other tips to share, leave a comment below!



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