Doomsday Clicker is a brand new time management game (I wanted to call it an “endless clicker” but that’s not the case) that challenges us to bring the apocalypse on Earth over and over again and, of course, make a ton of money out of it – something like real life politics. Although the concept is similar to what we’ve seen in other games that follow the same rules, there might be people who have never played such a game and for them we’re here to share some Doomsday Clicker cheats and tips that will help you bring the apocalypse over the world again and again and make a ton of money in the process.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Doomsday Clicker tips and tricks!

Unlock everything first, then upgrade
The concept of the game is pretty basic: you build rooms in your bunker to generate money, you upgrade them to make even more money and build new rooms to… you’ve probably got it already… make even more money! Upgrading costs a lot, so the first thing you should do is to focus on unlocking all the rooms, and only afterwards switch to upgrading them to get the extra stars.

Find the balance in this process: usually, you get a room to level 25 before being able to unlock the next room (but this changes drastically as you progress through the game and you get the mutant bonuses activated – and we’re going to talk about those later on). Until then, focus on unlocking all the rooms and then upgrade them: first get as many as you can to level 25 (to get the first star), then work on the more expensive ones at the same time as you work on the cheap ones to get them to level 50 and so on. Find the right way to spend your money to make more money!

Buy the room perks
Early on, the room perks are not extremely useful, so you can completely ignore them until you have all rooms or most of them to level 25. But as your rooms’ levels grow, the bonuses from the perks become larger and larger, so you should make sure that you constantly invest in Perks. I would personally suggest to buy a few perks each time you get back to the game after a long break and then spend all the remaining money on upgrading your rooms.

Spin the wheel!
Every now and then you can spin the wheel to get a bonus to your profits. You can do so by watching a video, and you should do it each time you have the chance in order to maximize profits – and always make sure that you have the bonuses active when you’re not logged in to the game to make even more money.

How to get more humans & mutants?
Humans are used in Doomsday Clicker to give you bonuses after each new Doomsday you trigger, and you get them by unlocking new rooms. You can also get new mutants by tapping the animals at the top level (you also get money from those!), so your bonuses will increase as you play. Most likely, there are other methods to increase the number of humans that you get, probably by upgrading your rooms to certain levels.

Bring the apocalypse!
As soon as you have a lot more mutants than your previous playthrough, it’s time to hit the red button and start over from scratch, but with a massive bonus from the mutants that you have. It will be totally worth it to reset, because you will progress a lot faster after each reset (only if you reset with more mutants than you previously had), so don’t hesitate to do it when you have the chance – but make sure you have some time afterwards as well to build all the rooms and get back on track!

These would be for now our tips and tricks for playing Doomsday Clicker – if you have anything else to add to help fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


  1. You also get mutant humans over time, dont know over what time. I watched it for a moment, but the time/amount you get the humans are different every time.
    Also, when it is worth to start a mew doomsday wit your humans, the little button at the bottom will shake a bit.

  2. when i go to the next bunker to the right the benefits are so low its like 1 trillion a second for 2 quadrillion is that a bug and how can i fix that

    • That is called a hurdle, best thing you can do is prestige (call doomsday) around about the time you unlock the next stage in mutant upgrades (The ones that cost Mutants not $). Always make sure you go about 10% past that point though, it makes recovering what you will spend much faster. Last, use your gold to increase how large the multiplier can be as soon as you can.

  3. Focus everything on the fun room.

    It’s VERY interesting how no mention is made of the “unwanted visitors” and their indicator for the total income per tic. lets say you level all the rooms in suburbia to lvl 300; an interesting trend appears in the cost per level-upgrade in each room, the fun room starts to become cheaper, per level, than most/all the other rooms. The fun room is still the room with the most benefit to upgrade and so there is little point in putting any effort into the other rooms, aside from the steady increase in human intake(Still uncertain if this is linked to Total rooms/upgrades, Total mutants/humans, or Total income),and to progress through each “location” in order to GET to that fun room.

    Another point to note is that each location gives us another new clicking ground where we can kill our “unwanted guests” for the pittance worth of income, +0.4% of current mutants, and – of course – GOLD. Each new room(not upgrade) increases the frequency of these clickable critters for the location that it’s built in. summing it up, that means, more gold and more valuable mutants the more you expand outwards.

    Being that mutants are the key to to whole progression of the game, the real focus should be on building up your intake-volume of humans, waiting for the number of humans to reach 100x that of your last starting mutant count, and start all over with that alluring red button.

    If you agree, and you love this little time waster,
    Please share this guide.


  4. I believe that the amount of humans you earn to mutate during a doomsday not only has to do with the amount of rooms you have, but also what level they are

    I have not tested this properly, but I believe that every ten levels you put into a room (possibly past the first star) will give you 1 human whenever that room collects it’s money

    The reason I believe this is I was counting every six seconds (the time on one of my rooms that was level 300) and watching the human counter. It was a bit jumbled, but I’m pretty sure I saw a 30 human increase every 6 seconds om the dot

    Again, I’m just speculating here, so forgive me if I’m wrong

  5. Cory. Go to settings app, application data, and clear data. That should work.
    You shouldn’t need to. There is nothing that you can do to hurt you. Every click makes you stronger. If you want a general reset, click the doomsday button. That’s technically starting over better off than you were the first time, no matter how many “mistakes” you made

  6. Used the time cheat and jumped to the year 2037. Still didn’t have everything unlocked LOL. I’ve done this about 10 times now and STILL need more money. Boring game tbh it would literally take you years to upgrade everything without using the time cheat

  7. Here’s mine…

    Collect as much gold as you can, for as long as you are patient enough…maybe 1250

    Then, when you see the super charger drone (in Suburbia), trigger that, and then buy the bottom of the gold perks (125 cost) to skip 7 days.

    My supercharger is currently at 85x and it affects the money you earn over those 7 days so super $$$

  8. After clicking the red button is it possible to start a new game with more than just $4.00 so that way you can use the 50x multi to start off than just starting off with 1x multi.???


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