The Doodle series is back with another installment! This time, are you ready to delve into the history of tanks? Doodle Tanks Blitz plays exactly like the other doodle games, where you’ll be discovering new combinations by combining the right materials. You’ll learn a lot about the design, structure, and functions of historical tanks and armored vehicles. We’ll help you try to find as many combos as possible with our Doodle Tanks Blitz cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Some starting USSR combinations!

  • Tools + Hotchkiss = B-3 37 mm
  • Tools + Mikulin = Four-cylinder
  • Four-cylinder + Leaf Spring = Infantry Tank Hull
  • Tools + Infantry Tank Hull = Rolled
  • Rolled + Rolled = Welded
  • Rolled + B-3 37 mm = MS-1 Turret
  • Infantry Tank Hull + MS-1 Turret = MS-1
  • MS-1 + Mikulin = Off-road performance
  • Rolled + MS-1 Turret = BT Turret
  • Welded + MS-1 Turret = Sloped & Grabin
  • Grabin + BT Turret = Commander radio
  • Leaf Spring + Infantry Tank Hull = Christle & Morozov
  • Tools + Morozov = L-11 76mm
  • MS-1 + Christle = BT Hull
  • BT Hull + BT Turret = BT-2
  • Morozov + Grabin = Penetrability
  • Four-cylinder + BT Hull = V-type
  • V-type + BT Hull = Rubber-coated wheel

2. Think!

If you’re having trouble coming up with new combinations, just try thinking about it logically. For example, you have a tank hull. What do tanks need? Cannons, of course! Which is why combining the infantry tank hull with the MS-1 turret gets you the MS-1 tank. Thinking logically like this will bring you to discover a couple of combinations, so when it doubt, just try thinking!

3. Don’t bother with the “show element” hint!

Out of the three types of hints you can buy, we consider the show element to be the least helpful. All it does it show you a possible combo outcome out of your currently unlock items, but doesn’t actually show you what you need to make them. You could use this to “retrace” footsteps. For example, if you see that you can make a type of cannon, you would try to combine Tools with something. The problem with this is that this isn’t always the case and isn’t a reliable way of finding new combinations. We suggest you spend your bolts on the other two types of hints.

4. Refer to your history!

If it comes down to it, you may just have to start brute forcing it and do every single possible combination you can at the moment. Start at a point you’ll remember, then just work your way through the list. Also, you can refer to your reactions history in case you forget any of your old combinations. It’ll help you rule out future possible combos.

5. Read the descriptions!

When you tap on an item, a little “i” box pops up in the corner. If you tap this, you’ll get a little blurb about the history of the item and what it does. Not only will you learn a little more about the wonderful, intricate world of tanks, you might also get clued in about a possible combination! It never hurts to try!

That’s all for Doodle Tanks Blitz. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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