Don't Starve Pocket Edition

Two days ago Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, the iPad version of the excellent survival game developed by Klei Entertainment, has been released on the App Store in all regions, allowing iPad owners to finally enjoy one of the best games released in recent years. Unfortunately iPhone only owners cannot purchase the game for their devices right now but it seems like things might be changing in the future.

A few hours ago the team has shared a new image on Instagram where it’s easy to see an iPhone running the game. While this is in no way a confirmation of the development of the game for iPhone, there’s a really good chance that Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition will be released in the future for the popular Apple smartphone.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition includes all the content of the PC version as well as the Raign of Giants expansion, which introduces new playable characters, new biomes to discover and giant enemies to fight.

Don’t Starve has been released back in 2013 before getting ported on a variety of other formats. The game follows a scientist names Wilson who finds himself in a dark world and has to survive at all costs by keeping himself healthy, fed and mentally stable. The game is a really unique experience so its success is really well deserved.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game requires at least an iPad 3 or iPad Mini 2 to play.



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