In today’s article we are going to cover the Don’t Get Fired! tips and cheats to help you find a job and as much as possible, keep it too!

Now as much as this game will be similar to real life, with finding a job, managing to pay student loans and much more (hell yeah, reality check!), it is also a little fun because of all the interactions your character has and all the accurate stuff the developer has basically put into the game.

So, without further ado, here are our Don’t Get Fired! tips and tricks to help you find and keep a job in Korea!

Don’t be upset if you don’t get a job

At the very beginning of the game you will not be getting a ton of jobs, so you will see that you will get fired or you failed the interview more than you would think possible. Well, this is perfectly fine, because the more interviews you fail, the higher your chances of getting accepted at the next job are!

So once you start searching for new jobs, what you should do is accept not getting the jobs (failing the interviews) and move on to the next one, and then the next one and so on.

Whenever you get rejected your chances increase drastically, so I would argue that a few early rejections could be really good for having a good job later on.

Start getting part time jobs!

Part time jobs are super useful because they will basically be the only way you can earn a living early on, since your jobs won’t be paying you a dime and instead fire you day by day. (as sad and tough as it sounds)

The part time jobs can be found in the right side of the screen under the “Part Time Jobs” button, and they are available roughly every 5 minutes (4:40 or so). All you have to do is watch an ad and you will be able to save on some money.

This will be pretty much your only way of surviving through the early stages of the game, so make sure you do it!

However: do not try to go for a part time job when you are currently rolling with a decent job, because you might lose it! One of the reasons why you can get fired is for having multiple jobs, so keep this in mind!

Make certain upgrades ASAP

While the game tends to get annoying after a while with only crappy jobs and promotion fails, there are some things that you can do to make it easier to work and earn experience faster.

There is a button on the middle of the screen called “Skill”. Tap on it and you will see a list of skills which can help your character develop and earn more money faster. In my opinion what you should first upgrade there are tehse:

– Health (add one point)

– Working (unlock up to level 2, then save money to unlock for level 3 for now)

– Speaking (add one point)

In my opinion Working is the one you should focus on the most, because it will boost your working speed, and if you want a well paying job, then trust me – you will need this! There is quite a big amount of money you will need to make all the upgrades here, so make sure you have patience – you’ll need that too!

Choose the right answers!

Sometimes you will see that there will be a blue dialogue bubble next to some characters – either your own, or the ones visiting your office. Tap on the bubble and make sure you always read the questions and answers properly, because the end result can be catastrophic!

Generally the best answer is the one on the blue box, but if you want to try your luck with the others, feel free to do so. I have and from 58% promotion chance dropped straight to 0. It was not fun at all – so try at your own risk!

Tap on your character to increase the work speed

When you tap on your character you will be able to increase the speed they are working at. That is good if you want to finish some tasks quickly, but be careful, because it comes at the cost of your Health! Try not to drop to 0!

Your tasks are basically the number of books you have on your desk, so the more you have, the more tasks you have to do. When the books reach the top, you will not be able to take any more, so you will either have to finish some to take more tasks, or you will lose the job!

These would be all of our Don’t Get Fired! tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips that you want to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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  1. This is literally useless. You want to get fired at much as possible at the start rather than answer all the questions correctly or do all of your work at a good pace. Getting fired more increases your chance of promotion.

  2. Useless comments aswell. Let’s explain what’s wrong and what’s right within this article (I’m a Managing Director right now with most skills at 64k except all challenges which are unlocked and basically can’t go up because my luck has been shitty and the chances of getting promoted at the end are very low, so I consider myself allright at this game):

    What I list is what I consider wrong, the rest is okay as beginner guide:

    1- “Whenever you get rejected your chances increase drastically, so I would argue that a few early rejections could be really good for having a good job later on.”

    Wrong. You should get fired early on until you max the chances of NOT getting fired by the same reason. Here is the link, check the max %:

    Also, the more reasons you get fired at least once, you increase % of being promoted permanently so try to discover all the ways of getting fired.

    2- “do not try to go for a part time job when you are currently rolling with a decent job, because you might lose it! One of the reasons why you can get fired is for having multiple jobs, so keep this in mind!”

    You actually should try to get fired soon as possible by that reason because you get 99.9% immunity of being after the first time. At the end with a good job, you will have a lot of money so getting 300-500 money or +5 exp isn’t THAT worthwhile.

    3- “In my opinion what you should first upgrade there are tehse:”

    I disagree but the owner said it was his/her opinion so, here is mine:

    Health lv 1 it’s cheap and you gonna need it. But health renegeration is the most important trait here when you believe you can afford it. Aim for like 100+ Health and at least one level at regen.

    Working speed lv 2 is ok for a beginner. You don’t need to rush this tree though. I managed to get along fine with Touch work speed lv 1 even at late game.

    SPEAKING. THIS is what you should be focusing on. Reason for speaking: You get a lot of money for early game as ‘Pension’ when you get fired as a good job (I always get DGM Evil to get double pension too), you can pay real cash to get 2x pension permanently if you wish aswell. Higher job means more people working for you, and more money overall per ‘book’ finished. So get that Promotion Chance high as possible.

    CHALLENGES: This is also a great chance of making cash while getting other benefits. The lowest challenges give crap but the later ones give like +3000 money per try and a challenge renew every hour. Also, remember I said that the more ways you discover to get fired increases your % of promotion? So even more of a reason to unlock all this tree and don’t fear getting fired for trying.

    4- “Generally the best answer is the one on the blue box”

    At the beginning yes, but not at the end. When you get Manager Deputy+ jobs, people will come asking you lot of questions about getting the day off etcetera and you should be EVIL for your own benefit (if you answer blue to those you lower chances of being promoted at the end). Yes you can get fired for being so negative, but you also get ‘firedproof’ about this sooner or later. So don’t worry. All in all, I’d agree and say discover them yourself, it’s part of the fun too.

    5- Most of the blue speech “…” of YOUR character is bad or neutral, so you don’t need to click on those early on. I found that closing the app and reopening it erases the blue speech so that trick might be useful for you. Personal speechs like buying a purse, getting married, paying debt or getting a car are expensive but once you pay them, they will never pop up again so it’s your choice to do so.

    Goodluck and be patient, this game is to be played casually and getting a few laughs IMO. If you try to aim for a high position early on being a F2P you will get frustrated.


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