Domo might look like a furry biscuit, but he’s really cute! And in Domo Jump we must help the little fellow go as high as possible, while also making sure that we collect as many diamonds and jewels and food as possible. In order to make that happen, we have to be extremely skilled and have the perfect choice of power-ups. I am here to help you with that, so let’s check out below some Domo Jump cheats: tips and tricks to get Domo as high as possible!

1. Double Jump to save Domo
Mastering the Double Jump technique is the easiest way to make sure that you go as high up as possible: at first, I was using it whenever I had the chance just to go a bit higher. Eventually, I realized that I shouldn’t use it unless really necessary: the double jump can save Domo if you fail to land on a platform after chasing a letter or diamond or something. Always have your finger ready to tap the screen and if you somehow fail to land where you would’ve like, double jump and you have a new chance! Problem solved, run increased!

2. Don’t focus on getting the letters
Along the way, you can collect the letters to make the “DOMO” word and I know I tried so desperately to get them all to see what amazing rewards await me. I was pretty disappointed, as you only get an XP boost if you collect these letters. Not really worth the risk of dieing!

3. Ignore gems, focus on food!
Food gives Domo gas and that’s what you need to go as high as possible. So focus your run in such a way that you get the most food possible and completely ignore the gems. Eventually, after getting all the power-ups, you won’t really need gems anymore, so they should not be your focus! Trust me!

4. Watch out for exclamation marks
Exclamation marks announce the area where a spiked wooden log is going to appear. Stay away from that area because if Domo hits it, her will lose a lot of gas.


Jump, Domo, jump!
Jump, Domo, jump!

5. Always go for the Diamonds
They are worth risking everything, so make sure that you get all diamonds possible: they are the premium currency of the game and even though you need to play an awful lot of runs to actually get enough diamonds to make a purchase, you really must get them all and be patient.

6. Always get the Daredevil Domo power-up when you see it
Even if you fall off a platform to get it, get it because you will anyway go up immediately. The Daredevil Domo costume helps you jump higher and gets you closer and closer to a new high score.

7. Invest gems in Foods first
You need to have as many foods as possible that give you more gas, so spend all your gems initially on getting these foods: Veggie Sushi, Gingerbread Cookie, Cotton Candy and so on. Ignore anything else that can be purchased with gems until you have all the foods unlocked.

8. Boosts to buy
They are expensive and they rarely worth it. The Fart Saver is good because it allows you to continue after dieing once, so that should be a priority when you have enough gems. Double gems is only worth it if you really manage to gather a lot of gems during your runs. You need to collect 125 per run when you have it activated to break even, so make sure you do so before investing in it. Double Diamonds is also worth it when you have the gems, but it’s a great risk and probably will get you a maximum of 3 diamonds.

9. Spend Diamonds on costumes
If you have the diamonds, don’t buy new skins for Domo as they don’t give you any bonuses, go for costumes (but have in mind that you will also have to collect them during the run).

I am sure you are having a great deal of fun playing Domo Jump, we do too, so if you have other tips and tricks for us, let us know as we’re always looking out for ways to improve our game.


  1. You missed out a big point on how to actually generate the diamonds. They are not as sparse as you let on. I can typically get 10 diamonds in one run. You must get all the gems in the “groups” of gems (lines, shapes, etc) and the diamonds generates from there.

      • Also, those groups of gems (that produce diamonds) are only available after you reach a height of 200, so purchasing a Head Start is worth it if you’re focused getting as many diamonds as possible.

        I find that using the double or triple gem power up is more than worth the cost as well.


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